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posted on Jul, 5 2006 @ 12:37 PM
Again, I’m not married to any of this. I’m not selling a book or promoting a lecture series, and I don’t have any revenue generating banner ads on my web site. If the events are isolated, delusional, mundane, or ‘just weird’ okay, Cool. The only reason I think there may be some connection is because of the similarities in the shadows, that’s all. If there were a MUFON for ‘demon’ sightings, I’d be posting this stuff there instead of here…. the only reason I’m doing this at all is so that the people who study this kind of stuff can have some data to play with…

If you have specific questions regarding these events the best thing to do would be to u2u me or email me…

If you feel the need to post your comments in open forum, rock on. I may or may not join in the fun. Know that if your conclusion is “torb is crazy” that I will not argue the point. Perhaps I am. I would be the last to know, right?

Thank you for your time and energy.


posted on Jul, 5 2006 @ 12:58 PM
So ifrits are fire freeks and not frost freeks *shrugs* okay. There was deffinately a 'coolness' associated with its passing in the barn. In Alaska and New York there was no such sensation. I've been calling the thing 'infrid' for so long now it's almost like a first name rather than a class distinction... never really thought of it as a Fire elemental, but rather always a frosty type thing....

Thanks for the feedback, I find this intersesting and educational. sorry for the delay in posting, the 4th was Not as relaxing as I had hoped it would be *laughs*

rock on

posted on Jul, 5 2006 @ 03:23 PM

Nice story, but as you stated most losses are statistical. It is like that mystery of losing your socks in the washingmachine. You place the gloves somewhere, but due to being concentrated at work or perhaps short memory loss for an instant you simply forgot that you placed them elsewhere. The tugging sensation could be due to the heat which could cause the texture and fabric of the gloves to become heavier in due time.

However from personal experience I can also associate myself with the other side of the story. In the past we had a little girl in the house, she was a ghost by the way. Still playfull as she was alive it often occured that items went missing and were found elsewhere at a later date. Such events occured regularly while she was in the house.

But seeing this is placed in this topic I wonder what relationship it is with the "Infrid". Nowhere do I see a mention of how it fits into the Glove story. Do you give it the credit of increase of lost/misplaced gloves? Once more why do you think it was the same entity and not a different one? It could've been a house ghost or something similar, because those are pretty common. Ghosts are all around us, some more actively then others. Did you check the history of any deaths in the area that could give a hint of a possible ghost or other activities that could invite certain entities?

Tote Farts and Tray Puffs

This is similar to the Gloves reply.

Nothing fancy happens except the same activities which you're so familiar with. Something causes the curtains to move. This woman starts to tell irrational stories which hold little to no ground except to get some form of excited out of her slow day. Her irrationality later causes you to think similarly, assuming there is a demon.

I keep wondering why you assume it is a demon/Infrid. Because there is a shadow? Because there is occasionaly some indication of "bat wings" in the shadow? It seems to me that in this case you followed the story of the woman instead of your own conclusions.

This is something I can't seem to let go, because I'm almost 100% sure it is something else. Different entities depending on the location. This is a gut feel however slightly backed up by information that entities don't travel with people that often as assumed. Except if its a guide of course or an entity that has no earthbound location which you can summon. How can you safely say, convince yourself, that each activity that you experienced over time was indeed by the same entity?


Footprints could indeed be from pranksters. Is it possible to have been made by someone, such as yourself, and later covered up by the frost itself. Such as making footprints in the sand and a storm comes by covering them up again. But with frost it occurs gradually. This would mean that the remaining, visible, prints should be less visible as well.

Once more there is reference towards a demon. In this case I can't exclude it seeing that demons are not just fire bound creatures and re-present various elements, just like angelic beings do. Still I don't think it would be an Infrid due to the same reasons explained in a previous reply about its elemental properties and dislike towards coldness.

Once more it could be a possible House Ghost roaming around.


The moving of the Namco is indeed odd when following the information given. It sounds like a pretty big machine to work with. How something like that could be moved without anyone knowing... Stacking the fish in a piramide shape is funny

Bit of a blanc atm, but it is late here and going to bed soon.

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posted on Jul, 5 2006 @ 05:06 PM
I am not convienced nor married to the idea that the events are related. If I gave that impression I apologize. "house ghost" is as good an answer as any, and I like it better than "torb is crazy", but I'll gladly accept the "torb is crazy" one if that is peoples concensus.

Again, the only reason I 'feel' there is a connection between these events is due to the simularity of the shadows when a shadow was experienced. It's not much, but being there and experiencing these things as I did, the shadow was a common enough and strong enough thread to tie the events together for me. That doesn't mean or prove anything. A series of non-related events is just as cool with me as not.

All of the events Can be explained away by some form of 'rational' explanation, and the 'rational' explanation is usually the easiest one. Missing gloves are no big deal, happens all the time. Having the missing gloves turn up in a location that requires a ladder or a forklift to reach, and having said gloves appear in said location while an Active search of the limited space in which the 'crime' took place is In Progress and No One saw Anyone put said gloves in said freeky location is not so common.

A note about the metal floors of the fridge: if you dropped a fresh fish onto the floor of the fridge, its +5C degree body would melt through the layer of frost and skin and scales of said fish would instantly freeze to the floor. If you grabbed the fish and lifted it off of the floor, you would rip the skin and scales off (the ones that were stuck to the floor)

The only unprotected body part I ever had had the nerve to 'stick to the floor' was my hand (which were a Lot tougher than my feet) Within two seconds my hands were frostbit and numb. No one was willing to experiment with their feet to see how long they could last bare foot in the fridge.

I'm not opposed to the idea that Humans carried out Pranks... but please keep in mind this is a small island in the middle of nowhere with a very small population... everybody is bored and Gossips. Nothing remained 'secret' for very long there, Especially a good prank. No one ever admitted to nor was accused of carrying out the 'pranks' I've documented here...

Creating a cannon to shoot water balloons at passing ships? okay, we did that. Hiding kids playtoys that make goofy noises underneath the floor boards of the box loft? okay, we did that. Reorganize all the time cards.. okay, when didn't we do that? Pranks were common.

The stuff I included here was some of the more less than common events.... things that made me (or us) go 'huh?'

The downstairs curtain fluffs... okay, MAYBE some natural bizarro event generated just the right puff of wind to cause the curtains to move in that way that a slow moving human sized object passing through the curtains would generate... but not the upstairs ones. There was NO other activity upstairs to generate the puffs of wind, only two curtains were affected (door to 11, then the door to 10) 11 and 10 are at right angles to each other, so the puff in question was generated in holding 11 (a dead room, only the one door, no other way for air to flow in or out, and no activity in the room) puffed through the curtain in that oh so special way, went ten feet down the hall, stopped, turned left, puffed Into holding 10 (another dead room, no way for air to get in or out except through the one doorway) all while I stood another 20 feet down the hallway Watching this.... the only conclusions I can come to are a)I'm crazy or b) I saw something weird. (keep in mind that this was Before Jamillia filled my head with arabic demon babble)

The Namco moving around... again, of Course a human could have done that... I relate it to something more like parking your car... of course your car Fits in the back yard and there's a way to actually drive the thing back there, but you never have put it back there in your entire life, no one in your family nor any of your friends or neighbors has ever taken your car and stashed it in your back yard.... you park your car out front where you Always do, you go into your house to get something, you come back three minutes later and discover that your car is gone... so you look around and then discover the thing in your backyard.... weird. Same goes for the gloves... you expect to find them on the ground, not 12 feet up in the air stuck behind some pipes... if they 'fell' out of your pocket and landed on the ceiling, that, in my book, goes into the 'weird' catagory.

If just One human had been caught stealing gloves or restacking totes, then All acts of weirdness would have been tagged to that one 'jolly joker'.

We couldn't explain away this stuff. Other stuff we could explain away, but not these events.

There had not been a murder on the island since the early 1930's. No deaths in the freezers or cold storage facility ever.

you seem to take 'house ghosts' rather lightly... I would imagine most folks would find such a thing to be Very Interesting... (hey, if it can do that sort of stuff with gloves and forklifts, what can it do with a pair of dice, yes?)

If 'house ghost' is a normal, mundane explanation for you, then I guess your world is a LOT more exciting than mine *grins*

thanks for all of the feed back.

duty calls

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posted on Aug, 18 2006 @ 04:59 PM
Reluctant to add this, but it happend so here I am.

A month ago my two year old daughter (see my avatar) and I were sitting on our living room floor, late morning, dim room, watching cartoons.

She looks past me, points, and says, quite clearly, "what is that?"

Needless to say, I sit up and take notice of my daughter (NOT at what she is pointing at) because this was a pretty big moment in language skills for her; a three word sentence that neither I nor my wife had Ever heard her mutter before.

She, however, is Not impressed with her new found vocabulary skills, but rather squirms away from me, walks to the center of the room, and proceeds to interact with something that I cannot see.

By her motions and actions I deduce that whatever she is seeing is about adult human sized and shaped (she looks up to where a 'head' would be, she walks around it, etc.)

She has a 'baby talk' conversation with the thing, complete with pauses and questions / answers, and, at one point (and this REALLY freeked me out) she seems to flinch involuntarily, grabs her ribs and squeal with laughter... just like she had been tickled.

There were no shadows, no sounds (other than the teevee and my daughter) no specks of dust floating in a sunbeam (in fact, no sunbeams at all) no moth, spider, or other bugs... just my two year old daughter interacting with something that I cannot see or hear.

After a couple of minutes of this, my daughter said, Very Clearly, "bye bye" and then returned to me and cartoon watching like Nothing had happend.

She has Never exhibited this type of behavior before, and I waited a month to see if this were some new type of imaginary friend, but no go. She has Not exhibited that type of behavior since then, nor has she used her new phrase "what is that?" again. (bummer)

I was Very freeked out by the actions of my daughter then, the clairity of her sentence, the decisiveness of her actions, the realness and suddeness of her laughter, but I personally 'sensed' nothing out of the ordinary; no 'coolness' no shadows, zilch.

ya, sure, kids will be kids, no big deal, doesn't mean anything, but I've always been of the opinion that small children and animals tend to be more receptive to 'stuff' than us old 'educated' entrenched in dogma and fearful of ridicule bozos are... but that's just a very un-scientific opinion that can never be varified.

okay, I documented it, I'm done.

rock on

posted on Aug, 23 2006 @ 01:29 AM
Well it could be an imaginary friend, but you said it was not that. So lets have a look at other possibilities.

1. A outer manifestation of the mind. Basically an aspect of the childs mind manifested outside herself so that she could more easily talk/deal with it.

2. A being of some sort. Others don't necesarily have to detect it seeing the vibratory state they operate on. This means that some people are able to notice that and others don't.

You say that it poked her as if it was tickling and she laughed. It seems she went along as if it was a friendly being. This could be her guardian, guide, perhaps even a dead relative that came by to look at their granddaughter.

Take your pick hehe. Seeing there was nothing that scared her it is safe to assume that it was not an Ifrit, Infrid or a negative being that wanted to scare or hurt her.

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