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Prophets of god; from an alien perspective!

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posted on Jun, 18 2006 @ 02:54 PM
Ok earthlings, you think you are the centre of the universe – that you are all important – that this little planet is of great importance in gods mind? Here's the ten unanswerable questions concerning jesus and any other prophet as 'the' son of god – err well they are unanswerable [imho] if you feel there is other intelligent life out there!

Please don’t take these observations as an attack if you are Christian inclined – that is not their purpose. It simply shows that it’s a great big universe out there!

Point 1. Was Jesus born on all of the planets with intelligent life?

2. If not then are most of the beings in the universe damned?

3. If he was [which would probably be mathematically impossible], then are they all humans?

4. Would they also be Romans & Jews with exactly the same history as earth history, or is the bible different on other planets?

5. If any two planets arrive at a relative historical point that Jesus should be born, then he would have to divide into two!

6. It is impossible to have duel synchronous histories! [Two or more planets with the same histories]

7. Why does god want to ‘save’ the entire universe – why not simply create perfection in the first place! And who would want to be crucified billions of times!!!

8. One cannot create what is already there i.e. the universe always exists in non-linear time and there was no ‘beginning’. [It is like a circle] therefore god cannot be the creator of the universe – it exists in its own right, and it will always exist in future history!

9. The truth is naked! No one can speak it – it may only be directed to or inferred. Similar to an object is itself and the description is placed upon it.

10. We are all god as man! [given that god is universal!] All of existence is god/goddess in their given form.

what do you think?

[edit on 18-6-2006 by attila of nazareth]

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