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Painting masterpieces in the air! finding the unknown

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posted on Jun, 18 2006 @ 02:22 PM
Painting masterpieces in the air. The well of inspiration.

This thread aims to highlight the way things just 'come to you' when you use your second sight – that we all have.

There are elements in the aether that i see as essences of history and invention and of song and verse, they do not however arrive there by themselves. Think of the researchers seeking answers to such things as the very makeup of our form, people all over the world putting together the pieces of the jigsaw until an image is made. Then to one an answer arises then to another the next part of the equation, the songwriters look on in despair at the blank sheet before them, yet as the dawn arises the birds happily sing to a new tune.

Ok where am I going with this: i consider the idea that there is a stream of knowledge by which and unto which we evolve, [like a film spreading out before us] as if on a train of all thought, progress is then relative to our speed and direction. At first I thought it so that the knowledge we learn was already 'there' as if belonging to a well of inspiration, that before existence everything was already known. But reality is not like a lizard that pops its head out of the sand then returns to its hole, existence is not the 'parts' drawn form the void thence returning to the whole.

Ideas flutter around in the mind, then dissipate into the void whilst new elements veer off on tangents. So where then are the origins of invention? They begin in our minds sometimes only as fragments and this is a collective thing, many people belong to similar lines of inquiry and as i see it now, it all depends on who is the better fisherman to who gains the catch. I feel there is also an ethic in the streams of aether, that those whom have the majority of influence and originality of thought specific to the given idea, are those to whom the song shall be sung!

We sit around the table ['our' collective well of inspiration] while the conversation flows from one person [epicentre of thought] to another, then half way through your sentence the train is lost arising in another's mind. This is like when people finish off your sentence, or are inspired to a new notion in the given field of inquiry. Interestingly there are certain limits to the entire equation; 'if you think of it then i cannot' and vice versa! This is because the same thing cannot arise twice in the conscious sphere.

When individuals or groups of people consider ideas, in a sense a sphere is created as the collective of the notions involved in that idea, this attracts all of the relevant fields of inquiry within the universal subconscious.

Is it so that the better the fisherman the finer the catch,
lets us fish then and perhaps we'll find the golden perch [metaphor for invention/discovery/song/story/prophecy etc].

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