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A Study for a Major University

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posted on Jun, 12 2006 @ 11:01 PM
This study will be overlooked by many students, and studied upon. This will be dealing with the effects of Online Human Interaction. In which the effects are seen upon with replys and posts of certain aspects of someones life in a given day or situation.
An example situation will be given:

Ex a. Person 1- Today I was in my house and I do hear a large bang I decide to ascend to the top floor and take a look, when then i come upon a man.

Ex b. Person 2- Today I was looking somewhere to go, I was new in the country and i needed a place to stay so I decided to climb into this mans through the upstair window, but I knocked over a lamp and then I saw the man.

As you see the interaction was played out with two complete strangers and to the event that there stories converged upon each others end. This is a interactive situation which is most common but rarely discussed.
It would be most honorable to gain help from many people please feel free to ask questions, and please so interact.

Ex. c. Or there will be another interaction as that we will be doing further on the effects of repetitive number and word typing, in that counting or even random word jibberish is quiet fine, the events are standing as it is, please engage.

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