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Anomaly, Installment I

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posted on Jun, 9 2006 @ 11:03 AM
Story: "Anomaly"
Installment I – "Mom"

It doesn’t matter what the weather was like that day, most details of that day hardly matter at all. The true significance of that day won’t be known for quite some time, although to talk to people they may disagree. It’s all relative from ones perspective after all.

Im certain many “news” worthy events happened that day to one or another that many will remember: Fires, murders, lottery winners, Aunt Edna’s visit, etc. But none of that matters about that day, THE day. And history will show it.

That day is the day of the Anomaly, but to most it’s known simply as September 9th, 1970. Don’t bother looking it up, because nobody knows yet, it hasn’t been written. But when the time is right, the world will know the significance of the day of the Anomaly. I know, because the Anomaly is me, and September 9, 1970 is the day I was born…


Mom was….special. Not in some way that may flash into your mind, but something more asymmetrical, something different. Most would simply say she was “odd”. But in reality it was a great deal more complex than that. Don’t get me wrong: she functioned perfectly within society and existed as many did.

But mom had a “condition”. When I say “condition” I don’t mean shin splints, I mean she had something that nobody could explain or understand: Mom healed amazingly fast. I don’t mean fast, I mean inhumanly fast. Doctors were perplexed; injuries that affected many for weeks were minor nuisances for her. She was never sick either, not a day in her life.

Don’t get me wrong: She was never labeled a weirdo; she was never studied as a circus freak. The truth of the matter is that people just didn’t know. She didn’t hurt herself that much where people started to ask questions. It was just an oddity. She certainly never discussed it; she simply accepted it and moved on. Not worth the can of worms so to speak to push it and inquire. After all, it was a blessing, right?

With the ability to heal inhumanly fast, also came with another side effect: She didn’t appear to age, or she aged extremely slowly for certain. Her body was so efficient at healing itself; her cells simply didn’t decay as a normal persons would. I know what you are thinking: She was immortal. She thought this too I am told. Well, I can put that to rest right now: She wasn’t, because she died during the birth of me, the Anomaly.

In fact, her death was very much an anomaly too; the doctors simply couldn’t explain it. After all, she was as healthy as anybody could possibly expect…Too healthy for that matter…

Coming soon, Installment II: Child oddities

[edit on 9-6-2006 by skippytjc]

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