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why is govemeny butting in on families

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posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 01:35 AM
my neighbors daugfhter had a baby 4 months ago when she was 15.her boyfriend said he didn';t want her mother in the room because she is white. the hospital staff told her her mom had no right to be there if her and her boyfried didn't want her there. how is a hospital got the right to tell a parent of a minor child that lives with her and who is paying for the birth that she has no right to be there. i thought a doctor had to get parental consent to treat a minor. then a month after the beautiful baby girl arrived 2 social workers rolled up and told the girl day were taking the boy to court for child support on her behalf. they said she would get 50 dollars a month.the thing is nobody asked them to do that. they came out of blue.
my neighbor then went to there office to try to stop it and they told her and her daughter since she had gotten wic vouchers from doctors office that they could not
stop child support proceddingds. furthermore they informed her since she was now 16 that she could drop out of school ,leave her parents home, get her own appartment have sex with anybody she wanted no matter there age . i did some checking and they were dead wrong on everything except her dropping school.
but why would social services be telling a 16 year old all this idiotic crap unless they want her on the system by the way she got pregnant with the girl on purpose her mother was diagnoised with breast cancer last year and wanted her mother to see her child be fore she died. luckily its in remmission anybody had similar experiences with social services

posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 05:46 AM
oh dont get me started on social services

i started a rant in bts about this you can see my views and some of the experience iv had with them
Do you know what boils my blood

They think they have the right to storm into your home and tell you what to do. If social sevices were sooooo concerned about your friends daughter why didnt they get involved when she fell pregnant? instead of waiting till she had the baby then telling her a whole lot of lies to turn her against her family.

For social services to get involved with a family someone has to report you, just so you know.

I have had this experience with my now husband his ex girlfriend reported him for abuse of his son when he was with her after an investigation and numerous witnesses to the times she was talking about it was proven that his ex had done this with malisous intent. Now what do you think the social work department did?
They put us on a 6 month protection order because i had kids when i started seeing him

I took it to a lawyer and was promptly removed.

You do get some social workers that will go out of their way to help you etc but they are few and far between

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posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 05:53 AM
the government want every to see them as the leaders in society, and leave behind any bonds to family.

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