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Aljazeera incomplete reporting on Quake Aid

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posted on May, 30 2006 @ 09:35 PM
Waited a couple days to see if Aljazeera's reporting would change. My condolences go out to the Indonesia and all those affected by the quake.

Small point to be made here as to why it is hard for the Muslim world to get a totally accurate picture of the U.S. via news sources that the Muslim world uses. I know there is a lot else going on vis a vis U.S. and the Muslim world, but it would be nice to report the on all the nations giving aid and support to Indonesia.

I know it sounds kinda pithy, given the scope of the disaster, but the U.S. can use all the goodwill it can muster in the region. It would have been nice to be included in the first reporting of the event by Aljazerra to have included the U.S. aid and support. The initial reports are what many will remember in hindsight.

No wonder much of the Muslim world has a bad image of the U.S. when most of what they see is only all of the bad and hardly any of the good. You may debate the politics and policies of the U.S. in the region, but our humanitarian efforts when disasters strike is just as good if not better than most nations.

Britain and France also offered a quick response to the disaster that struck the historic city of Yogyakarta and its surroundings.
.... Vladimir Putin, Russia's president, offered his condolences along with the president of China, Hu Jintao, and Giorgio Napolitano, Italy's head of state....

The European Commission said it would release up to three million euros ($3.8 million dollars) in emergency aid in response to the devastating earthquake. A752107F44.htm

Nowhere is there mention of the 2.5M of U.S. aid sent to Indonesia (Now 5M).
Nor is there mention of the President Bush's condolences as well. Just does not help the image of the U.S. when the good things we do don't get reported. And yes, I know there is much for the Muslim world to dislike about America and it's polices. Finally after two days Aljazeera mentions the U.S. aid at the very end of an article.

Britain pledged $5.5 million in aid, Saudi Arabia $5 million, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait $4 million each, Australia $2.27 million, China $2 million and the US $2.5 million.

President Bush Statement on Earthquake

Increased U.S. Aid to Indonesia

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