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Personal Experiences

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posted on May, 22 2006 @ 05:06 PM
good day to all of you. i am fairly new to the ATS family and post rarely, usually regarding politics. i have always had a stong interest in the paranormal. kind of a cross between scully and mulder though. i believe that it is there, but look for the science first. very much like the people from ghost hunters.

my first experience was when i was 7 (38 now). we had a cat that had just had a litter. naturally i formed a strong attachment to them. we had gone out to dinner and while we were dining, i grew more agitated and upset. i kept asking my mom what would happen to the kittens if there were a fire in the house. she tried to calm me the the mother would take care of them. when we got home, there was no fire so my folks just chalked it up to some fantasy. during the night though, our other car, a station wagon which was loaded up for our monthly trip to the dump caught fire. it was parked almost directly next to the house. some how, the fire did not spread to the house or to the tank.

when i was 17, i had stayed home from school to go see a doctor for a minor skin treatment. i was till able to go to work though. having some time before hand, i went out running. as i was finishing my run, i passed my mom exiting our house. i said see you later. after showering, a feeling of great depression came over me. i felt compelled to listen this christian rock album from petra. usually this lifts my spirits, but not this time. i grew even more despondent after this song called grave robber played. how gods love comforts those who have lost some one. shrugged it off and went to work. short time later, my mom had a massive fatal heart attack while shopping with friend.

the night before my oldest brother's funeral, i was upset. my wife was holding me on her left side with her arms down around my waist. after saying on how sorry that i had not spoken to him for some time and that i would not ever tell him so ( he died VERY unexpectedly), i felt a tap on my right shoulder and then a voice saying, "maj, it's alright, i'm okay". i looked up and saw my wifes eyes. they were round. she said, did you here that? and i asked her what. she heard the same thing. i'm pretty broad shouldered so that tap was on the far side where she could not rerach.

two years ago, where lived at the time, there is a small water park called windsor waterworks. our daughters class had an end of school year trip there. i went along to chaperone. near the end of the day, after a few undred kids had been in the pool, i remarked to the life guard that the water was very dirty and that you could not see the botttom of the deep end. 8 ft. i asked him how do they clean it up for the next day. did not really give me an answer but a foreboding filled me. the next day, another school, and a 11 year old drowned at the deep end. no one noticed him because of the water clarity. this was the first really serious accident that this little park had in its history.
thanks for reading and hoped you enjoyed these.

posted on May, 22 2006 @ 07:29 PM
It looks like your going though a few pages of one of my old journals.
These things are so very normal in my life. I see them as blessings. I believe everyone would be privy to these kinds of things if they'd ony pay attention.

posted on May, 22 2006 @ 10:55 PM
Welcome BlackThorne Cool name.
I resonate with AngelLady, such things are part of my life too, since childhood actually.
Some people call it supernatural abilities. I believe it is natural if we open our hearts. But certanly something one must pay attention to, a gift, an aid.
Take Care

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