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Wireless technology provides convenience and huge security gaps

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posted on May, 22 2006 @ 01:26 PM
Your wireless future

Phones that get you into concerts, tell co-workers not to call now - or even display which friends are at a show. The next phase of the mobile revolution is about to begin.

The article goes on to give examples and links to information telling us how this technology will benefit us. Everything will be customized. Not too far from a scene in the movie "Minority Report" when citizens walk into buildings, a holographic person greets them with a personalized advertisement.

I know this technology has been on the horizon for some time. I know it has been discussed before. It still frightens me how much personal information will be available to anyone with enough technological skill and the motivation to use it.

Anyone, not just the government, could track your every move, every store visited, every concert you go to...

As for me, I will not be getting one of these phones until they pry my scratched old phone out of my hand.. then, with the new phone, I'll keep it off and covered in tin foil until I need to make a call!

posted on May, 22 2006 @ 02:03 PM
I can't wait till Bell rolls out Wi-Max in TO! I'll be able to keep track of myself! Telesat Canada has some funky (we use one for our emerg servers out Peterborugh way) but slower fixed location sat internet services and some newer stuff they're workin' on bound to GPS uplink/downlink "portable" modems with a 10" dish. One day, maybe "tomorrow", we'll be able to spy on ourselves so thoroughly that it may not matter anymore! I love new toys! The challenge is control - lots of creativity and due diligence will be required to protect oneself.
Exciting times and Internet II is still out there waiting... nice big fat pipes, new protocol stacks, IP v6... yummy!

Victor K.

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