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My Power Supply Story... :(

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posted on May, 20 2006 @ 01:29 AM
About a month ago, I had noticed a little problem with my computer. It had suddenly rebooted for no apparent reason. Thinking it was some sort of malware on my system, I scanned it with several different spyware and virus checking software.

The problem (reboot for no reason) only happened one more time after that, and the problem was soon forgotten.

Then last week, one day when I turned off my computer, windows shut down, but the fans and lights stayed on. Hmmm... I did'nt like the looks of that!!

I turned on my computer just after that happened, only to find that windows reported a voltage surge on my usb ports. Yikes!

So, I determined that there was something funky going on with my power supply.

A few readings with a voltmeter confirmed this. There was always voltage present, even when there should not have been.

So, I removed it completely from my computer and planned on buying a new one.

So yesterday, I did just that. I bought a brand new Antec Power Supply to breathe new life into my dormant computer.

But lo and behold, when the original power supply finally kicked the bucket, it took some onboard stuff with it.

On the bright side, my hard drives are still intact, so I still have access to my data. But not having another computer that has IDE cables, I opened up my external hard drive, and inserted the old hardrives, one at a time, to retrieve some data from the defunct computer, including my installers for photoshop, and a couple of other apps that I had not installed on this laptop yet.

The moral of the story

If you ever experience any strange phenomenon with your PC (unknown reboots, etc.), get it checked out, A. S. A. P. - meaning RIGHT NOW!!!

And of course, BACKUP, BACKUP, and BACKUP!!

Mechanic 32.


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