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Why So Much TV Advertising by the Pharmaceuticals?

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posted on May, 16 2006 @ 08:54 AM
Why Is There So Much TV Advertising by the Pharmaceuticals?

It seems in the past few years that half the ads on tv are paid for by the pharmacy companies. What’s up here?

First, the average layman cannot spell ‘hypertension’ nor does he or she know what ‘ED’ stands for, or know the signs of erectile dysfunction. Well, for the brighter among us, the very name “erectile” tends to suggest the answer. But my point is this, even if I do have heartburn too often, I cannot write a prescription to cure it that any self respecting pharmacist would fill. Not if he valued his license to dispense drugs.

Next, it was just a couple years ago that tv ads were advising patients to “shop around” for prices to help keep the cost of medicine American style, affordable. As if you could call the local hospital and ask for the manager, then bargain over the price of a room. A hospital is not the Holiday Inn, where also not much bargaining is encouraged either. So who thinks up these goofy ads? Advising otherwise intelligent people to engage in the impossible? To self-diagnose, to self-prescribe and to self-bargain with your provider?

Like, my dermatologist - he used to be just a skin doctor - charges $42 for an office call. Anything he does is extra. Like “freezing” an ugly mole off my body. Ouch! That liquid nitrogen hurts when applied directly to my skin! I wonder if the Oberfuhrer knows that? If I was on the Anti-Torture Watch, I’d check the supply manifests to Guantanamo Bay for bottled nitrogen. Just an idea.

So am I to walk in and say, “Hello, Doc. Would you do this office call for $35 if pay in cash?” Most likely, he’d call the police to remove a disorderly person from the premises. Or, if your appendix is about to rupture, do you ask the surgeon, “How much, Doc?” Do you ask the anesthetist if there is an equally effective but cheaper generic anaesthetic he or she could use? Or, do you want the very best darn surgeon and the most effective aesthetic in the known world? And leave the pricing to the professionals? Albeit unregulated.

So, to rephrase my question, why are pharmaceuticals spending so much money on “public service” advertising? Merck’s current ad says they want to do better. Hmm? Better than what? Better than they have done in the past? Make more money? Or make more drugs?

You know, I know, tv ads are not cheap. You know, I know, ad buyers expect something back for the money. Perchance is this a coordinated propaganda campaign masterminded by the PMA - Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association - to keep down the American’s curiosity why medicines made in Ireland under an American label cost 4 X in America, than in say, Germany or Mexico? What’s up here?

What's your take?

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posted on May, 27 2006 @ 01:30 PM
Its called Direct to Consumer Advertiseing and as far as I know it used to be illegal..but apparently the laws have since changed over the past few years.

The problem with DCA is that it makes people think they have something when they dont...Ive never been a big fan of BIGPHARMA but they have gotten out of control as of late. especially the news channels...CNN,MSNBC,FOX, etc... they seem to be spouting out more and more side effects with each new medicine that they advertise. I know they are required to list all side effects but they just dont even seem to care if they have perfected the drug before they sell it(also I am aware that the FDA has guidelines that must be met before selling of the product can commence.)

But boy has it gotten annoying. Every 10 seconds tgheres another PHARMA ad.
The question is:Will it get worse or will it subside? my theory is its only going to get worse.

posted on May, 30 2006 @ 05:58 PM
Just a few years ago it became legal for pharmaceuticals to advertise. Interestingly, it used to be legal for pharmacies to advertise prescription drugs a number of years ago, and now it's not. It's business.

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