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posted on Oct, 19 2003 @ 01:46 PM
This is a fun place. I would like to stay awhile.

My gift to use-gize ...

Orbitron, a great satelite tracking program. It's free
(cardware - you send the author a postcard). (Poland)

Of real interest to hams. ex-ve3eys

posted on Oct, 19 2003 @ 03:15 PM
Welcome along duh.

Enjoy what you do, and keep your over-riding philosophy about you, before you end up in this Iggy mood...

"No Fun"

No fun my babe no fun
No fun my babe no fun
No fun to hang around
Feeling that same old way
No fun to hang around
Freaked out for another day
No fun my babe no fun
No fun my babe no fun
No fun to be around
Walking by myself
No fun to be alone
In love with nobody else
Well maybe go out maybe stay home
maybe call Mom on the telephone
Well come on, well come on,
well come on..........

posted on Oct, 19 2003 @ 03:18 PM
Welcome! And I'm not going to say your name because I'll feel stupid.

posted on Oct, 19 2003 @ 03:19 PM
What kind of intro is that for a new member! No fun!? Sheesh!

posted on Oct, 19 2003 @ 03:27 PM

Have a look at the intro again, and see what you find.

1. duh is encouraged to keep his fun-fun-fun attitude with him at all times.

2. He is presented with the fire and brimstone outcomes of taking the opposite course.

Christian Sermons 101 for you when we have time, ktprktprktprktpr.

posted on Oct, 20 2003 @ 06:59 PM
Hiya Masked Avator

I was just about to post a thread to get your attention but now you have given me a better oppotunity.
I would be very interested if you could go to this thread and give us all a little taste of your wisdom.

I will be checking back to see who has shaped yoru life.

Cheers mate.

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