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The Anatomy Of A Dave Rabbit Bit

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posted on May, 15 2006 @ 02:39 AM
Hi Everyone....

Since coming out... I have had tons of e-mails from fans all over the world. The biggest question, besides the obvious one "Who Are You Really?"
...... is HOW I go about creating a bit from this brain of mine. So here goes.

"The Rabbit Zone"

When I came out February 9, 2006 and established my relationship with Will Snyder and a handful of others, I wanted to help Will IMPROVE the site by adding content that had never been seen before such as photos, videos, etc. I created a Home Page promo for him, which was okay, but there was not a lot of thought that went into it. So, over the course of the last several weeks, I knew I wanted to REDO it with something that would CATCH PEOPLE OFF THEIR GUARD like I did 35 years ago.

I am driving to meet a friend of mine for lunch and as I am driving this LIGHT BULB pops above my head and Rod Serling ENTERS. I know in an INSTANT that is where I want to go. On the way to, during and from lunch, I work out the concept in my mind. When I arrive home, I go immediately to my computer, open MSWORD up.... and start writing. If you haven't heard the CLASSIC "Rod Serling" and "Twilight Zone":

I have always been a Science Fiction Fan.... Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Lost In Space, etc. Doing this NEW INTRO was my personal TRIBUTE to one of the greatest masters of Science Fiction of all time.. ROD SERLING.

So.... it takes me over an hour to come up with copy that HONORS Rod Serling and still includes Dave Rabbit satire. After reading over it numerous times to get the FLOW right.... I proceed to MIDNIGHT SUPPLY and acquire the original TZ Theme Song. Then, I read the copy over a dozen or so times with the theme to see if I need to ADD or DELETE something... where I end just as the downbeat of the theme is ending. This takes about 30 minutes or so. Now, I am ready to record.

I have, with the excellent help of my Radio First Termer Iraq Producer, Charlie Cooper, been trying to recapture the essence of what I was 35 years ago..... mentally, as well as my timing and voice. In a further bit of homage to my Hero, Rod Serling, I make the final decision to use voice inflections like he did. Obviously, I could never achieve his greatness, but I wanted it to sound as much as it would sound if he were doing it. In fact, as I was recording, I imagined HIM saying the words.

One thing I HAVE LEARNED in the past several months... is that when I record... DON'T just record once... then rewind... listen.... rewind... re-record and so on..... takes a butt load of time. So, I decide I want to do about 12 runs on it.... using different inflections here and there and refining my timing as I go along. My intent was to complete the recordings, then go back at the beginning and listen to them all, eliminating the ones I didn't like.... then listening again to the possible keepers. I start the digital tape and begin. As I am reading along and progressing, I get a bit frustrated as I know that I have gotten close, but not where I want to be. I decide that I am going to do one more and just select the best and let it go at that.... as I am doing number 12 and get through it, I KNOW it is the one. I don't need to listen to the others.

Coming Up With The Idea - 1 Hour

Conceiving The Concept - 3 Hours (And 2 Margaritas)

Writing The Copy - 1 1/2 Hours

Reading The Initial Copy For Flow - 30 Minutes

Acquiring The Theme From MIDNIGHT SUPPLY - 3 Minutes

Recording 12 Versions For Selection - 15 Minutes

Making A Decision On The Right One - Instantly

Honoring Rod Serling With RFT - PRICELESS

That's it..... from LIGHT BULB to END PRODUCT, a little less than 5 HOURS.


[edit on 10/19/2007 by Dave Rabbit]

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