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Army investigates gas footage.

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posted on May, 13 2006 @ 03:51 AM
Military police are to investigate phone footage apparently showing Army recruits being subjected to prolonged exposure to CS gas by a trainer.
In the mobile footage, obtained by the Sun, recruits are told to remove their respirators while in a sealed chamber. The newspaper said the film showed recruits choking, begging for help and vomiting after the 65-second exposure.

Whilst this comes at a time when the army really does'nt need another recruit abuse issue in the news, i can honestly see this one being swept under the carpet and also being a hard one to prove as criminal.

Where do you draw the line on how much exposure to give troops? You need to experience what it's like to be subjected to the stuff, if nothing else it gives you an excellent reminder to do your NBC drills correctly. To anyone who has been in a gas chamber, yes over a minute forced to endure CS gas can seem a little much, but i've seen recruits choke and vomit after just a few seconds of exposure, so they can't have a go at the instructor for any choking or vomiting that occurred, this is commonplace in a gas chamber.

I guess this will come down to whether it was done for entertainment or malous. As for recruits laughing in the background, thats no biggy either, it was always funny to see your mate sputtering his lungs up and crying like a baby lol! We all went through it, and learnt how to protect yourself and your mates because of it.



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