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Explosion blows up oil pipeline in Nigeria's oil-rich region

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posted on May, 12 2006 @ 11:00 AM
Another oil related explosion, blows up oil pipeline in Nigeria, this is of great concern because now that the prices were going down slowly but with this news they will go up up again... Filll up your tanks people, because tomorow prices will be higher.
A explosão que esta manhã destruiu um oleoduto em Ilado, nos arredores de Lagos, a maior cidade da Nigéria, fez entre 150 e 200 mortos, avançou o comissário da polícia daquela cidade, Emmanuel Adebayo, ouvido pela agência Reuters.

As explosões nos oleodutos são comuns na Nigéria por causa das sabotagens nas instalações protagonizadas por traficantes ou habitantes que tentam roubar combustível.

A Nigéria, com 130 milhões de habitantes, é o primeiro produtor de petróleo bruto no continente africano e o sexto exportador mundial, com uma média de 2,6 milhões de barris por dia.

"This morning occur an explosion that destroyed a pipeline near the city of Lagos, between 150 and 200 probably dead said the police of the city of lagos"

"The explosions in pipelines are usual in Nigeria due to sabotage and theft"

"Nigeria with 130 millions of people is the first of african countries in oil production, and the 6th world exporter, with an average of 2,6 millions barrels a day"

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

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Nigeria pipeline blast kills up to 200 people

This time they are saying that people were drilling into the pipeline, to steal the oil

Another explosion occured in a pipeline in Nigeria this year in February, because of a un-detonated bomb. Something is wrong with Nigeria leaders.


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posted on May, 18 2006 @ 12:51 AM
About 300 died in that fire. The fire was probably started by one of the speedboats. More Bodies Still Float on Water After Pipeline Inferno

May 17, 2006

The death toll in last Friday's pipeline fire disaster at Isanki Island, Ilado area of Lagos State, may be more than expected as more bodies were seen still floating in the water. In a visit to the scene of the disaster Eko Trust discovered that more bodies of victims were still floating in the water, while smell of decomposing corpses filled the area.

Meanwhile Akeem Olabode, a boat operator, whose boat was razed by the inferno, revealed that a friend of his, who lost his life had actually come to borrow his boat for "offshore runs," another name for illegal bunkering, only for him to hear that the fire had claimed about 300 lives as well as his boat, which served as a means of livelihood for him. "I lost my friend and my boat in that fire. He had come to me that he was going for offshore runs, only for me to hear that he and others had been roasted in the fire-outbreak on Friday," Akeem stated,

In the words of Akeem: "I don't and will not name anybody, all I can say is that someone, who was at the scene before the fire started said it was after they had loaded their own boat with fuel and they were on their way back to the shore, only for them to see fire behind them, which may have been as a result of a boat that loaded before them but could not start and in the process of starting it, caused the outbreak of the fire."

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

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