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posted on May, 10 2006 @ 09:35 AM
... It was very blue indeed, and very pale. The glow reminded him of the flames in the stove at christmas night. The glow was white but had a pinch of blur in it. Unable to exactly percept where he was he swung around the room and landed on his knees.

"It didne't hurt? Why didne't it hurt? Why can't I talk!?" He thought to himself while rubbing his tounge agianst his teeth. Panic influenced him quickly, but before it got worse, I released the panic and began to think in logical terms.

He opened his eyes, to see his own room. But there was something wrong... Everything was rearranged. The door was on the opposite side of where it usually was, and his bed was on the opposite side as well... Strange....

He raised his palms from the ground and balanced his body on his knees. He took a close look at his hands, but something was very wrong. It all looked so supernatural, as if it was all just illusion. Tom started seriously thinking about this while observing his fists. He remembered watching that movie; "uhm, what was it called agian?" Tom tried to remember, but it seemed like something held him back. He felt particulary drained after only concentrating for 2 seconds. He wanted to lay down, but just as he had become drained, he became energized.

"What the hell is going on here!?"

He stood up, with a goal in eye. As to where he was, he would explore. He walked towards the door, and opened it.

Tom remembered his parents, and his friends. He was an average guy who had to go to school everyday beside saturday and sunday. He did not care for much more than that. He drank alcohol at parties and had a few cigarettes. He remembered he had actually had a cigar, but he coughed all the smoke up after inhaling it... Bad idea!

Feeling so malevolent, he opened the door and saw strands of coal flooded all around the floor. There was also a smell, it was very powerful and he could taste it on his tounge as he breathed it in through his nose. He heard distant drums coming from the darkness, for as he had opened the door he had discovered it disconnected from his house.

Tom quickly closed it, and turned around, and broke down in tears. After a few minutes he wiped his eyes with his shirt. He felt exhausted, though there weren't much to think about. He had a weird feeling that he somehow was linked with a silver chain. He looked upon the window on the other side of the room. It reflected nothing, it was pure glass. It was not transparents, but one big flat plate of white-grey crystal. He toke his fingers and rubbed them up and down on the glass. He didne't feel it. It was neither cold nor warm.

He picked up a look on his palms once more. He did not see the lines in them, and his skin had no particular color associated with it. He looked away from his palms and tilted his head.

He noticed something... An object on the other side of the room beside his television. It was a lamp, which he had never seen before in his life. The lamp had strange patterns painted onto it. It was not plugged in... He tried to find a switch someone below a table, but no success. The room was completely cut off from electricity circuits. It really did make no sense at all... The window was none-reflective and non-transparent, there were no lamps turned on because there was no definate electricity and the door on his right was disconnected from the rest of the room... Or house. But no less, he saw the room clearly as if it was built on Mercury.

He walked around the room for a bit and relaxed his body. He pondered about where exactly he was. "So many questions, but so little time", he imagined, as he remembered that from another movie he had seen 2 weeks ago.

As he walked around thinking about this, clouded, he bumped into the table and he felt the movement. But it was not the ordinary sort of pain, it was actually not pain at all... And it was not on his leg, but as if his mind and leg were seperated by a brick wall. It felt distant, but also not so distant. It was there, but not there in reality.

He looked at his leg, and no bruise was he able to see. He looked at his palms once more. He looked up and around the room, and down at his palms agian. He looked at it with a skeptic in mind, but...

"This is a..."

And then he opened his eyes...


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