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Umm..kinda predicted the future?!

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posted on May, 8 2006 @ 07:07 AM
Ok guy's, this will most probably be met wih scorn and sceptisism from most of you, but it is an experience that has been bothering me for quite a number of years, and i felt the annonimity of the internet gave me the confidence to discuss it.
Roughly 4 years ago I was struck down with Glandular fever which prgressed into post Viral fatigue. The result of which was almost 6 months confinded to my bed, terrible fevers, and general discomfort.
I don't belive I am alone in experienceing more vivid and frequent dreams whilst ill, especially regarding temperatures and fevers. Anyway, toward the end of my illness I dreamt a particulaly important dream. So important in fact, it utterly changed my view on the World, Time and really my whole existance!
The dream went as follows;

"I was down at my local pub, a place I had only just started frequenting again, after a 6month absense. I was playing pool, with a friend of mine called Albert, he mentioned he had something to tell me about a close friend of mine Jack, but was then distracted and told me he'd tell me later. I then vividly remember sitting on my bench in my back Garden with Pete, Jack and Paul smoking a joint. Now this would not be strange had paul not moved to Devon a year earlier, meaning we never saw him."

2 weeks to the day and I was playing pool in the Finnies ( the same pub), with Albert when he said he needed to tell me something about Jack. he was then distracted, but assured me he'd tell me later. I froze. It was like Dejavoo(sp) but multiplied by a million. I actually felt very weird for about twenty minutes, as if something fundemental in my make-up had changed. later that night, and a few pints later I had almost forgoten the incident untill i realised I was sitting on my bench with Pete Jack and Paul Murphy, who was on easter break and had come down to stay at mine for a few day's.
I told everyone there what had happened, and altho they were skeptical, they know me very well and know this isn't the sort of thing I would make-up. They could see how affected I was by the whole incident.

the basic fact is this = I predicted the future. Not nearly, or with some vagueness to the interpretation. I fully, accuratly and deffinitivly envisioned the future, which then occured exactly as I had seen.

How can this be explained, because it's ramifications are enormous, and on a personel level, I am know at a total loss. My view of the world is now shattered as I know there is far more than we currently understand!!!

What are your opinions, and have you ever had something similar happen to you.

Sorry for the long message, but i really needed to vent this!!

First post, so take it staedy, lol!!

Malacalypse the 4th

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posted on May, 13 2006 @ 10:20 AM
This happens. I have spent years researching it and it isn't as rare as you might think. I began doing it when I was 4 years old. I have talked to literally thousands of people who have had this happen to them. I have talked to hundreds who have had it happen more than once.

posted on May, 13 2006 @ 10:14 PM
it happen's to me all the time wich is why I take every dream I have verry seriously because I rarely dream anymore but when I do it normaly comes true.


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