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National Geographic & Info Warfare ??

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posted on May, 7 2006 @ 11:42 AM
Could National Geographic magazine be a likely venu for disinformation that would be consumed by an unsuspecting populace ??

After doing some major reading regarding the hegemony of the UK & USA's efforts to control oil and petro-dollars, I ran across an article in the April 2006 issue of "National Geographic" magazine on Venezuela...

The tone of the article paints a bad picture of Hugo Chavez, Venezeula's president..

As many of you are aware, there is a current effort within Venezeula, Bolivia, Nigera, and Liberia to nationalize their respective oil resources..

Chavez was elected with an estimated 75% majority of the people. His views on Oil is that oil is a national resource. Venezuela, along with the other countries mentioned above have prospered very little from the oil being pumped out of their countries via the large multi-national oil companies. Chavez has given notice that within 6 months, the country's oil resources will be nationalized in order to re-negotiate the current deal where their country receives very little in comparison to the value of their resource..

My guess is that any country that wishes to assert control over their own natural resources will be targeted for destabilization efforts from other countries who view oil as within their own "strategic interest" or "National Interest" ..

Even though Hugo Chavez is viewed by a vast majority of his own people as serving the interests of Venezuela, other governments with a major interest in keeping control of their own hegemony will paint Chavez as the "Bad Guy" in an effort to discredit him, and then act covertly to place someone else in power who will make favorable deals with the major American and British Oil Companies..

Below is a link to an on-line article on Hugo Chavez by National Geographic:

And below is a direct link to an online video from the journalist covering the

Many of you may recall the information that was planted in Scientific American magazine in the late 1970's, stating that the Glomar Explorer, a Hughes corporation project, was for the purpose of ocean mining of "Manganese Nodules"...

As they say ... "Stay Tuned" .. I will be doing more in-depth research on this particular issue over the next several weeks ...

Radiotrish ..

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