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Alien Poachers

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posted on May, 4 2006 @ 09:59 PM
Assuming Aliens exist - would some of them regard us as animals? And if they regarded us as animals (which they most certainly do with all the supposed abductions and other stuff), would there not be Alien Poachers? Groups of aliens who would just abduct us, slice us up, and take off with whatever they needed?

If so, wouldn't the Poachers, being so technilogically advanced, just drop down from the skies and snatch people up - with no care for whether they were seen or not.

And if this was the case, would we not be aware of them so that we could fight against it?

Using that reasoning, would it not therefore mean that either a) aliens don't exist, or b) certain aliens are not allowed to do that stuff.

I'd rather the idea of B).

Continuing on from that, why/how is it that aliens aren't allowed to snatch us up like Poachers? One reason could be that they are completely different from Humans - but I'd say the chances of that are unlikely. Any dominant species will be a predatorial species first, gatherers second. This is the driving force for species to get together and become dominant. And it is the dominant species that hunt out others to extinction so that they can remain dominant. A Hunter species will have Poachers - given that the population is large enough.

So, perhaps, a possible reason that we aren't hunted is because some aliens of those species DON'T KNOW OF US. Perhaps the average citizen of the alien civilizations are actually just like us - believing they are alone in the universe and held under sway by powerful militaries and governments, just like us.

Perhaps we only deal with the secretive military divisions of alien civilizations, which come from their own politically fractured planet, which could be why the different alien species aren't united.

Perhaps our world is the same - that we might hold sway on far off planets with our own secret embassies, and conducting our own secret experiments (or are crafting our own UFOs so that we can begin such activities of our own).

Perhaps the reason why alien sightings and experiences and details are so diverse is because the aliens are frighteningly more like us than we would want to believe.

posted on May, 5 2006 @ 11:27 AM
Could it not be that they are intelligent enough not to interfere with our evolution?
Imagine an abduction wave easely seen by the media and what outcome that would have on both us and the aliens.There will be loads of chaos and it wouldend bennefit both sides.Besides it wouldend suit a higly developed race to be so stupid.

Secondly if they have the tech to do so in a secretive manner then why not do it that way, again it wouldend suit them doing otherwise.

Given the possibility of other races involved means that they possibly want to preserve there ties with the others.Perhaps they are forced that way in not doing us any harm.

In any case i believe that a highly intelligent and developed race is not capable of such acts to slice us up one by one.If they wanted us gone then i bet they could get rid of us by much easyer means.I think most of them are just monitoring us untill the moment of revelation is there.Time will have all the answers.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

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