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us outlines $7.1 billion flu pandemic plan

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posted on May, 3 2006 @ 03:28 PM

The United States government plans to stockpile vaccines, limit international and domestic flights, quarantine those who become ill and bring in the military to maintain order if a flu pandemic strikes the country.

The federal government's $7.1 billion national plan released Wednesday, however, doesn't call for a closure of its borders if a pandemic such as the feared human bird flu strain developed.

The government said a super-strain influenza pandemic would cause massive disruptions that would last for months, and states, cities and businesses must make plans now to keep functioning -- and not count on federal aid.

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holy cow 7 billion smackers!!! the us is already what now like 6 trillion in debt? now this? can you imagine if the flu came and if the government had to support cities and businesses how much MORE DEBT it would be in!! then theres nasa planning to spend even more billions on going to mars! their still spending billions on the iraq war! illegals are costing amreica billions too i bet! a plan for the flu is good but 7 billion!? thats one huge debt hole americas digging, i tell ya!

your say?


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