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Has anyone else come around?

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posted on May, 1 2006 @ 08:58 PM
We all know the current situation with Iran and that once again war looms for the US and we will be going alone.

At first I was an avid supporter of bush's war on terror and spending less time on domestic issues.

I remember when I heard on the news about those americans who lost their jobs, yet still stood the course with supporting bush. I remember thinking, well that wont happen to me or my family, but good for them they are still supporting bush and while not directly related to the war on terror, the economic situation I feel has declined due to lack of attention from the president and other policies of his.

Well it happened to me and alot of middle class people. We lost jobs due to bush's economic policies. yet, like so many others in the middle class we stood the course supporting bush, even though both my parents now work to jobs with countless hours and any other member of my family not currently in school has to work to get by.

Things have only gotten worse for the middle class economically speaking and for those who have lost their lives for a war that now seems to have been needless to begin with. We can now just barely afford gasoline for the vehicles we own, and the oil companies are paying huge dividends to its stockholders as if to rub in our face they are breaking our backs to make them rich. Our situation is bad, but worse still for many more americans

I remember thinking that the liberals and moderates that didnt want war with Iraq were expressing cowardice. I know realise they were only trying to save us a road of lies to hell. While im not naive enough to think that they dont have their personal agendas, I certainly would rather have not have the man that currently appears that his greed is only matched by his means to achieve it in the white house.

I have certainly changed my views on things, I suppose being economically hurt and having to readjust has helped change the way I view things, but those of us who have sacrificed for something for the elite have become less gungho I suppose. As much as I hate to be a hypocrite, I think things should of been different.

Enviromental Protection has also become a concern of mine, as it seems that environmental standards are only important to bush as long as they benefit his approval ratings.I have come to view that man in entirely different light as he continues to suspend those standards when things get tough for him and his cash making.

Tomorrow is the primaries where I live, and though I know this is the least I can do, I am somewhat anxious to go to the polls and show my opinion of the current administration even if its only locally at first.

I suppose I owe some this revelations to the fine posts her at ATS......thank you all for your contributions

Oh! PS...has any other bush supportters found his crazed gungho attitude to be unbecoming? especially in the light that the purpose of the wars seem to only be beneficial to him?

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posted on May, 1 2006 @ 09:28 PM
Xphiles, you make some good points here.

I'm sure many Bush voters are wondering about their choices, but then, many of us didn't vote FOR Bush, we voted AGAINST the other what can be expected?
Personally, I don't think we can just blame Bush for the current situation in the US. Those Who Rule, the big $$$ people, are really the ones who decide, at least IMHO.

The middle class is shrinking, at some point it will be the upper class and the lower class.
Again, my 2-cents.
As a resident of Michigan, I am amazed that anyone can say the country is doing well.


I don't see that this is a WOT topic, though.
It's really politics and so I will move it to PTS


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