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Amazing UFO footage from Secret KGB UFO Files

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posted on Jun, 14 2007 @ 05:44 PM
When I first saw the video I was 100% covinced it was real. But then I started reading all the posts and I began to doubt. Funny how that works. But overall, I'm still leaning towards the "it's real" side. I guess you'll never be sure of what to believe when it comes to videos like this (althoug there's some that are really convincing), unless of course you experience it yourself in real life (that'd be awesome, wouldn't it?)

posted on Jun, 14 2007 @ 08:54 PM
That aether craft could knock the fighter out of the sky at any time
and the pilot knows it.

Didn't notice the white craft. They appear on many videos along with
a larger craft making trails. It jumps up and down but matching the
horizontal velocity.

Its all in the orthogonal forces derived from the propulsion.
Gravity requires a constant acceleration to counteract to hover or
stay at level flight. A constant velocity required only short accelration

They rule and perhaps have made America stand down on 9/11 and
the FAA in the JFK Jr. rescue.

The craft is very powerful. The people who own them rule because
power rules and nothing else does.

posted on Jun, 15 2007 @ 12:55 AM
This is a very interesting video.

Whatever it is, the shadows are consistent with a real, genuine object. They look strange for several reasons:

* Clouds are heavily textured and their varying density makes shadows very changeable. It's not an effect you can replicate easily, even if you were to scrunch up polythene or something. The reason the shadows look odd is because we don't get that kind of effect with everyday materials or atmosphere. If you're in a plane and sat near the wing, and you're descending on a bright day, watch the shadow that the wing casts (if everything is in the right position). It's highly irregular, since clouds are very bumpy and extremely changeable in their densities. I'm no expert, but I know enough to know as strange as it may look, the shadow on the clouds could indeed be plausible.

* While the video isn't the highest quality, it's definitely true that the object doesn't dive or change its pitch for descent. Fighter planes cannot make this sort of move. They could replicate something similar, but they would have to change their pitch, in addition to a very quick change in velocity. If you watch the object, it doesn't descend, it practically falls. The trajectory of descent gets uniformly steeper, almost like an object stalling in the sky (but very quickly). By the time it enters the clouds, the object is practically falling vertically. No fighter plane could do this.

So, not entirely proof of aliens, but whatever it is, I'd hazard a strong guess that it was a real object in a real sky. I can see what people mean when they say it seems to fall through the clouds in a weird way, but again, clouds are a very strange environment. Not least because most of us will spend very little time in a situation like that.

So yeah, cool! Thanks to whoever posted this up, it's refreshing to see something a bit different, and I think the jury will remain out on this one.

posted on Jul, 18 2007 @ 04:49 PM

Some people have mistakenly attempted to trace the destination of the Nazi "technology
transfer" to Antarctica or South America, and I'm sure the CIA fuels this false scenario which they
created. Some of this technology and people involved may initially have gone to South America or
elsewhere prior to the finalization of this agreement, until the treacherous combination of the
German Amt VI ("Dept. 6") SS RSHA (the Nazi organ upon which the CIA was based), the new
CIA created on the Nazi model, and British, Canadian and Australian intelligence, and even
Russian intelligence, found and took care of them, where any critical part of the "Big Secret", or
any key scientist was" involved. The simple truth is that the flying saucer technology and personnel
came to the U.S. of A., lock, stock and barrel, right where Hitler and the rest of his gang agreed to,
in order to buy their asses a new lease on life.

Zundel might have been a proponent of the Antarctic refuge,
but he was wrong, it went straight to America:

Despite Zundel's controversial view, he was almost correct about Hitler's planned last-ditch
stand against America, using flying saucers and other 'wonder weapons', along with several other
'Wunderwaffen' which were not mentioned as such in Zundel's material, but which I identified for
the first time, as the basis not only for one of Hitler's brilliant alternate plans—according to the
judgment of the best Russian military analysts who later studied it—but for another even more
brilliant plan for which the first plan-evidence of which was conveniently left for the Russians to
find in the Berlin Fuehrerbunker—was a mere cover, and which was actually consummated by the
coercion of a secret amnesty and partnership agreement between the U.S. and Germany, buttressed
by the exodus, under Operation Paperclip, of Nazi saucer R&D, over 400 top scientists, and over
15,000 scientific and technical "slaves", to the U.S. government and the IllumiNazi corporations
and banking interests. This plan is so embarrassing that they dare not fully declassify it even
today. Though this revelation may startle some of you, its truth is gradually falling, piece by piece
into place, from evidence continually surfacing all over the world, especially since the collapse of
the Soviet State.

See here

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