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Why doesn't the U.S. encourage a friendly Space Race or Space Alliance with other Space Savy Countr

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posted on Apr, 30 2006 @ 10:53 PM
In a time of war a "friendly" space race or Space Alliance might be just what is needed to help mend ties between the East and West. Space is a great Stage to mend International ties, for example with our space shuttle, and the international space station etc.

The international space station is a great start.

The next step is getting Russia and China to join us(US and Allies) in either a Space Race or Space Alliance to get back to the moon, to mars, and beyond.

Competition doesn't have to be an act of war! It should be used to motivate rather than to seperate.

We could potentially use a program like this as a springboard for nuclear non-proliferation as well.

Any Ideas?

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