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The Notorious Betty Page

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posted on Apr, 30 2006 @ 12:38 AM
Wow what a good movie! The film is mostly black and white and some color. But the color scenes look just like old color movies. They must have used the same film used back in the day, it was a great vintage look. They also used old dissolves and wipes, like the circle closing in on a part of the scene as a transition into another scene.

Betty is played by Gretchen Moll, who I totally did not recognize as the girl from Thirteenth Floor, Rounders, Donnie Brasco...



The film follows betty from a young girl, then quickly into a young lady, and her modeling career and after. Most of the movie is her modeling.. and Gretchen looks good naked incase anyone was wondering.. Its low-key, not sexual or anything. Betty was a nieve southern girl, and highly religious, and very playful during her photo shoots. Its funny to see such a cute girl trying to "act" with 8 inch heels and a riding crop.

Overall a good movie I highly recommend.

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