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essential information!

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posted on Apr, 28 2006 @ 12:29 PM
download people and take a darn good look at it

download the files, essential information pt 1 to 4.

I've gotten pt 4 and looked at one video where Philip Schneider (now a dead man) talks about his career with the government on black projects and about the NWO!

darn unreal baby. I mean, this looks like no tiny # to swollow.

A couple of things he mentions are, alien metals used in *black aircrafts and submarines. Materials with quite astonishing properties.

The U.S. of A gives shelter to beings not of this planet. They are groce, full of bacteries and diseases for mankind, IQ's 7 times Einsteins, with an eye on humans as we just being part of their foodchain.

Them just wanting our little planet for I don't know what reason.

They are allready fully established here on earth in different underground bases, them just like undermining us. Greys.

Different species in fact wanting our beautifull planet.

Them having technologies making ours (or at least, the ones the public knows of) futile. Offcourse technologies of them shared with the government. Might be with a shadow government. Not the one we see.

There should be 131 underground complexes beneath the surface of your country, the USA. Connected with a hi-tech transportation system, some kind of magnetic railroad, with 'trains' at speeds of Mach 2.

I'd say, after having watched this video, planet earth just looks like a playground. Being not anything you could've imagined. This is kindergarden man. Just a playground. We've been lied to, much is kept secret. We're just toying around here, them letting us and wanting us doing this, so they can move on step by step with their secret agenda. All I've known is false, to them we are just pions raising their money for their secret agenda untill completed, from then on, I guess we're just a pile of trash.

Look at the man talking, I see him as dead serious man.

Aliens, they came in peace.. just untill the moment they landed here. From then on, we were just a target for investigation, food, or just a race inhabiting a planet they are eager to take over. Which they will together with the rich and wicked of this planet.

I don't really like the sound of this, meanwhile, I'll just take a bite of my burger and watch this show untill the end and make the best of it.

hang in buddys.

posted on May, 14 2006 @ 08:04 AM
now that you've seen the man talking about it, what are your experiences and thoughts on this? Is this fairytale true? I totally respect this guy and what he is saying is quite extraordinary.

We've heard and read so much around here about these theories. So when this man is giving facts, howcome anyone tries to go further in on this? I know there are people interested in these informations. We can do much with it. All these technologies and ET-information.

But what's the use if it is only used for secret investigations and for wicked sciences on human test-bunnys. Offcourse when all is done in a legitimate way there is no wrong in it. But when used for anti-moral investigations it is no goood.


As long as we live in peace with these creatures, no offense, but if they came here to toy around and to treat us like a bunch of scum, well, then they're off a good starters. I too can get nasty around here. But hey, they seem to be superior in many ways. Intellectually. They surely like the smell of our bodies as we do like the acid of ants.

Who could not come into the fact that this race came down here, and lives among us, or better, under our own feet, sliming around, with their silly bumpy heads. doing doing, messin' around creating ultra scientific machinery and systems. Flying throught skies with magnetic flying discs. What a life. As paranormal as one can get. I tend to believe they must be quite spiritual in their ways too. As sensing auras and being able to also us their minds for spiritual practices. Disliking us for that, we being the dumb asshole monkeys, they truly powerfull in the spiritual realm, with high tech weapons to defeat us, the braindoped monkeys. We'd probably hit the crap out of them if they didn't have their laserguns.

I guess they have a greater standard because of their high-evoluted lifestyle. Let's make them hip and cool. And take them fully up in our society. That would be great. I hope they aren't all the same. One could ask himself if they have emotions like we do. I don't think they express them fysically but they do must have a sense of being inside of them. Like when there's an agressor in front of them they probably sense it. Completely fully capable of operating in the higher realms. In balance with laws like cause and effect and a total perception of facts like time etc. Highly evolved beings. Smarter than tens of thousands of us together
in fact to be treated with respect for what they are capable of.

But what are their purposes.. HERE? Do they match the term of lightworkers? Psionics? In what possible way do they use it? What is the purpose of their existence and of what they make existant? Many questions can arise from this!

them probably hostile to us because of us soaking in fear and anger. Them being very tender on all levels, must need things for protection. And them willing to use it on us if we walk out of borders. But on the other hand they might want to be peacefull to us. They must have a tremendous perception of us as human beings, our flaws but thus also our pro's.

Physically we are different beings, but we do operate on one and the same force, consciousness, creator.

If they do have a master plan with us, what would it be? What's the use we having special aircraft if it's meant for immoral practices like spying and destruction. They give us stuff so we can toy around, taking war a one step further. Our 'war' trancending to a different level! Plus them being in fact elite to us, in total control, watching us on the tele, our lives being entertainment for them. Them being totally integrated into the light.

I'll stop about now. maybe more to come. thx for further sharing any more on this



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