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Harper on Gas Prices: Deal with it!

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posted on Apr, 25 2006 @ 11:16 AM
When Stephen Harper was the leader of the opposition, he was quoted as saying:

Opposition Leader Stephen Harper had opened Question Period by asking the Liberals what they will do with record high gas tax revenue. He said every time a litre goes up by a cent, the federal government earns another $40 million.

"From the cozy confines of 24 Sussex, the Prime Minister continues to dither on tax relief for Canadians," te_20050926.html

Harper is demanding the government to do something about the soaring prices and does not see it as fit that the government is profiting some much at the expense of the common citizen.

After the election, Harper takes power and all of the sudden he is singing a different tune.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canadians will have to live with higher gas prices.

This is something we're all going to have to adapt to and it's one of the reasons why when we deal with climate change and other issues, we're going to want to encourage the development of alternative energy sources."

Six months ago, Harper attacked the government over high gas prices. y/CTVNews/20060419/gas_mackay_060419/20060419?hub=TopStories

Another typical politician, makes these false allegations to bring in a few votes and then walks the same line as the previous administration. In one hand he demands lower prices, and than in the flick of a switch he is telling the general public to deal with it.

I hope when the next election comes around, the voters stick it to him like he is to us at the moment.

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