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Esquire Story: Alan Abel, Andy Kaufman

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posted on Apr, 22 2006 @ 08:21 AM
“He (Andy Kaufman) wanted to collaborate on something really fantastic and enormous, but we could never figure out what it would be. He was especially fascinated with how I had gotten people to believe I was dead. He’d say, “How can I do that? I want to do that.’” –Alan Abel

"If I do go ahead with my plan, I will do so by pretending to have cancer"--Andy Kaufman (speaking to Mimi Lambert)

Andy's girlfriend Lynne Margulies has admitted to shaving Andy Kaufman's head leading people to believe it was caused by cancer treatment.

“Andy asked to speak privately to both me and Jack (Burns). We moved into a quiet room away from the others, and Andy closed the door, making sure no one besides us could hear. He told us he was about to embark on the greatest prank of his career and made us swear we would never repeat it to a living soul. He then told us it would be the biggest thing in the history of show business, then he lowered his voice and said, ‘I’m going to fake my death, go into hiding for 10 years, and then reappear.’” -- John Moffitt (producer of the television show Fridays)

"A few months before Andy Kaufman "died," he read the galleys of my book published during the spring of 1984. One chapter dealt with my fake obituary in the NY Times. He wanted to know even more details on how I carried off my demise that fooled relatives, friends, the media and even creditors.. So I remain one of those who question his passing. Alan Abel"

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Esquire article:

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