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Making God

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posted on Apr, 20 2006 @ 12:51 PM
In the beginning was the Big Bang, the singularity at the origin of the universe.

After it came a time of formlessness and chaos, of elementary particles hammered together and torn apart again by titanic, random forces.

More complex structures grew out of this process. Subatomic particles gave birth to ions, then to atoms. Molecules were born from chemical reactions when things had cooled down enough for chemistry. Matter took on heft and shape and colour.

Under gravity, dust-clouds coalesced into nebulae, then into stars, which formed galaxies.

Matter cooled, and clumped itself into planets, and planetoids, and rocks and stones and other things.

The aimless, frenetic cacophony of the infant universe gave way to the stately, predictable music of the spheres, the ceaseless round of circling planets singing on their way, as an old hymn puts it.

Aboard these planets and elsewhere, simple molecules tapped the bounty of the stars and grew more elaborately organized. Eventually, their elaboration and organization became self-replicating.

The story of life began.

As the story unfolded, it grew in complexity. One day, this complexity and organization gave rise to self-consciousness. Matter opened its eyes and looked about itself and said, 'I am'.

Thus did the universe -- the whole universe, in a single, unsung event -- open its eyes, and see itself.

So seeing, it began to understand. And when its understanding was sufficiently advanced, it began to create. It took up brute matter and made new shapes of it, according to its will. And when it had learnt well the lessons of transforming dead matter, it turned that learning upon life itself, beginning -- slowly, hesitantly at first -- to reshape it, according to its will.

Out of matter living and dead, it wrought new life -- living companions for itself, food to slake its hunger, slaves to labour in its stead, living toys with which to disport itself, or to make sport of.

And the new life surpassed in puissance and cunning the old life that had wrought it.

And the old life became one with the new life it had wrought, and surpassed itself in cunning and puissance.

And so grew the universe in cunning and puissance -- and sentience.

Till at length the deed was accomplished, and the universe was sentient, and puissant, and cunning, in all its limbs and beyond all measure.

And it took unto itself a Name, and the Name it took was God.

In this naming, God freed Itself from the laws of Its own Being. It was liberated from Time.

So liberated, God presides over the end, and over all times between the end and the beginning.

In the beginning was the Big Bang, the singularity at the origin of the universe.

posted on Apr, 20 2006 @ 05:59 PM
cool, my perspective though is that the universe was already sentient from the beginning, much as an infant would be, and has slowly grown and matured since that time, and will continue to do so. though there my thoughts diverge as i believe that as much as we are aware of the universal being i doubt that it is aware of us on this tiny ball of dirt.

thanks though for posting, food for thought..


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