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Hello from the_Mentor

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posted on Apr, 14 2006 @ 11:27 AM
I am the mentor and i will aid you in your quest for knowlegde.

Hope i can be of service for the community.

posted on Apr, 14 2006 @ 11:30 AM
Glad you could find us here at the great ATS, enjoy your long stay!
All The Secrets

We hope you can also.

posted on Apr, 14 2006 @ 11:32 AM
Welcome to ATS, hope you enjoy your stay.

Looking forward to see you in the forums.

Oni x x

posted on Apr, 14 2006 @ 11:35 AM
Hi there, The_Mentor.

Welcome to ATS. I hope that you have fun and enjoy your stay here.

Here are some links that you might find useful.

Terms And Conditions

ZeddicusZulZorander's handy ATS Handbook

ATS Points System

How to Complain or offer Suggestions

ATS Etiquette

Quoting Reference

Avatars and signatures

Avatar: The ultimate help

List of Avatar Artists

Threads without tags

New Members Need Points, Heres a fast way!

Mini Tutorial #1.
And how to quote outside of the box:

Many new members are making mistakes while using quotes, and their replies are winding up inside of the quote box. Follow this illustration, and start replying 'Outside the box!'.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Mechanic 32.

posted on Apr, 14 2006 @ 11:35 AM
helo welcome please do come in.


really i was looking for a GI Joe knoweledge is power picture so I could be all AND now we know.

anyways welcome dually and feel free to drop some knowledge bombs on us.

posted on Apr, 14 2006 @ 11:51 AM
howdy. welcome. dont hide like i do. its not cool.

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