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The Choices we make

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posted on Apr, 13 2006 @ 08:48 PM
We run our lives by the choices of others. You may be up one minute and be down the next. All of those are common sayings because some times whats already been said is the best. When some one close to you comits suicide your left with so many emotions. You don't want to hear that some ones sorry for you, you may not want to hear anything at all but instead just have some one there. To day a friend of mine was told in school that his foster father shot him self. I don't believe ive ever saw or ever thought that i would see a 19 year old boy cry, and what was a step fether than that the two he wanted to confort him was two 16 year old girls. i geuss life works like that it takes something that bad to relize some one cares more for you than you think. I couldn't answer his queastion for why his foster father had kill him self...i told him that some times people do things that affect others, but The the person who was a loved one probly will never know why that person did it because that might be one of those queastions that are never answered or will be. That was their chioce not yours. and that it wasn't his fault he couldn't have done any thing to stop it or to cause it.
yea i just had to rant...
but if you think about it a person has to be exstremely smart in order to kill them selfs...i mean to over come death, to relize something that average people will never do it...not to mention courage, to take that last step from from holding back to doing what he wanted
I'm not saying that it was nesaaryly ok what he did but he did it and i really can't ask queastions for why he did it i can just stand by his son and help him when he needs it
but i have to say suicide is a selfish act, i mean he felt behind a wonderful wife and a boy that loved him like a father...but its not my place to judge at least thats what i keep telling my self
any way think about these words from a 16 year old girl
im sorry about the spelling errors im dislexic lol and i spell by phonix... on a test this week i spelled Easter, was a bonus queastion on what holiday was sunday, also ive got bad grammer.
Any way have a good night people ive startedspring break

p.s. also "other" is you, so when i say "We run our lives by the choices of others." i mean that your actions to the same for others

posted on Apr, 14 2006 @ 12:03 AM
Suicide is very sad. But at the same time I wouldn't exactly just call these people selfish. I mean they suffer from severe depression and they just can't take it any more. I think they should go on antidepressants; those help a lot.

posted on Apr, 14 2006 @ 09:39 AM
Yea but killing ones self takes that they think of there selfs, alot of people are just tired of how lifes going and they don't think they can be helped because what ever there going though is so over welming that they can't immagtion it being helped. maybe they don't want to be help, or maybe they just don't relize they want help. I just hope he got what he wanted, because itd be a real bum if all he wanted to do was leave this world and all the queastions or emotions of others hold him back.

posted on Apr, 18 2006 @ 07:40 AM
I think if things ever got so bad that i couldnt handle things, I think i would just pick up an dmove somehwere far far away and try and start over. Do you remember in teh vidoe game Asteroids, when you knew you were gonna get crushed, you could hit a button which would randomly throw you somewhere else on teh screen? You might still get crushed but you might also get a clear spot and survive. I think of dropping it all and moving to thailand or somewhere like that as hitting that button...

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