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When The Only Middle Eastern Democracy Fails

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posted on Apr, 13 2006 @ 09:14 AM
You think the Middle East is a mess?
Well Think Again!!!

Imagine 3-5 years in the future...Iran is a state with nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them as far as Copenhaggen...
It is reasonable to believe that when thay have them the same language about Israel that is going right now will be still here (the one with the world map)...
I guess the israelis will loose their faith in the Western Democracy and their puppet government(if it continue to do nothing about Iran and hope the others will solve the problem)...We all know they are crazy people in Israel too(like those who want to blow up the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem)
With two irrational governments,and military forces ready to strike in 10 minutes,the war can not be any closer even if the governments do not really want to go into a war...
But imagine something better...Israel declares that everything the israelis get from Iran,they will share with the rest of the Free World..."They Bomb Us,We Bomb Them And You" because you were the ones who didn't stop them...
I'll not post any link,but I think we all know that Israel has nuclear capabilities(75-150 bombs),don't have the ability to protect their weapons(so the fisrt strike is needed in order to not loose the option to retalliate)...

"Verbal Violence At The End Always Lead To Physical Violence"
After the Holocaust The Jewish People must know it...

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