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Vitamin C and cancer - new research findings

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posted on Apr, 8 2006 @ 01:02 PM
So maybe Linus Pauling wasn't such a quack after all....

Interesting to see what happens here.


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posted on Apr, 8 2006 @ 07:29 PM
Hmmmmm...Do you think ingesting a lot of Vitamin C during your lifetime may help to prevent the onset of cancer? Hopefully. Good finding

posted on Apr, 8 2006 @ 08:37 PM
Good find.

Linus Pauling knew his stuff - he just got too close to the truth, so he was targeted as a "commie" to destroy his scientific credibility. Even though he got dissed in the USA like Prusiner, the rest of the world recognized his contributions and like Prusiner, he too won a Nobel Prize...

posted on Apr, 8 2006 @ 09:49 PM
Hello EdwardTeach

From what I read in the paper, orally ingested vitamin C didn't reach the plasma levels needed to be 'effective' in cancer treatment. Assuming it *is* effective, I rush to add. I think that IV vitamin C gave the levels required.

Having said that in the prevention of *possibly* pre-cancerous lesions in the mouth, I know that some people recommend increased doses of vitamin c/multivitamins, although protocols are still to be written. Probably more a case of prevention of mucosal atrophy and thus protection against carcinogens in the mouth 'getting through' to cells, rather than a 'chemotherapy' effect that is postulated against cancer.

What I like about this paper, or at least the commentary on it, is that it sounds like there will be some trials done to see if there is any basis for an effect.


Prusiner is the prions guy, right? I read some of his papers when I did my BSc. -*years* ago now, and I am pretty sure before his Nobel prize. His work was always pretty well regarded, over in the UK at least - this was in the late 80's/early 90's just as BSE exploded and everyone was getting interested. Did he get any heat prior to this?

Here's the 'Vitamin C doesn't work viewpoint'

I am not sure if the 10000 mg/day regime was IV or oral - I may go to medline if I ever have the time.

It would be nice to see if these trials can settle the question for once and all


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