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UK Birdflu delayed to cover up certain topics

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posted on Apr, 6 2006 @ 02:33 PM
we had to wait 8 days to hear this story and it was annouced on the night before this

Today, British and Irish Government set out plans to restore the Northern Ireland Government. While we were being warned of the dangerous bird flu, Tony Blair was in Northern Ireland with the Irish Prime minister talking about restoring power to the Northern Ireland assembly,which has suspected cases (if it was that bad, he would not be in Northern Ireland). With bird flu taking the headlines, this would of been the most talked about story and media would have focused on failed aspects of the peace process.

Second news story.

The dealings of the loans to political parties within the United Kingdom. Without the annoucement of this bird flu, the media would of been focusing on this outcome and the effects on the Government. The story is about parties selling sits in the House of Lords for cash.

Third news story

This has been going on since Blair won the election. The media has been asking him when he is going to stand down and the first question Blair got today, when giving a speech about Northern Ireland, was "when are you going to leave?" and also, interesting, a reporter asked Blair what he thought of the bird flu case in Scotland and Blair knew, before everyone, that is was H5N1....hmmm

Fourth Story

Mandelson's EU constitution call. An Ex-labour cabinet minister, now a European Commissioner (British) is calling for the EU constitution to be revised. This story has gone without a mention. First time the old constitution was covered, it went on for months.

I have family in Northern Ireland, County Antrim, where the supposed cases are and they have said its not getting that much covered, even though there is a suspected case..

I dont believe in coindences, but the release of this bird flu has covered up certain topics the Prime Minister does not want to face

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posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 12:02 PM
Another twist to the tale...

we have to wait till the weekend now to get more results, its funny how this has become very slow now when Labour or Tony Blair are not in the news

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