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(MUOC) This Is It

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posted on Apr, 6 2006 @ 04:59 AM
She opened her eyes slowly, although it wouldn't have mattered, everything was pitch black anyway. She couldn't remember much of anything, how she got here, where she was, who she was.

Her memory started to slowly kick into gear. She was burried under a pile of rubble. Her name was.......what was it anyway? Well, that no longer mattered.. She was starting to remember some things now. So, this is the "Brave New World", she thought to herself.

"There's A Fear Down Here We Can't Forget - Hasn't Got A Name Just Yet.
Always Awake Always Around........"

It was unbelievable that only a few years ago, this place she was now wandering aimlessly around - when she wasn't hiding under the rubble to avoid the dreaded chip, had once been home to her, her family and friends. But, although change came quickly, it was not totally unexpected. The Unstoppable Ones had been closing in for a long time....

"Heartless Powers Try To Tell Us What To Think.
If The Spirit's Sleeping, Then The Flesh Is Ink.
History's Page, It Is Thusly Carved In Stone,
The Furture's Here, We Are It, We Are On Our Own."

Now, it's 2012, There had been so much talk of it being the end of the world, caused by so many different things that people had thought up. But it didn't exactly happen like that. Not any single event caused her world to be in shambles. So much for theories. It has been nothing but hatered, distrust and ignorance. Building...........BUILDING..............BUILDING..........

"The Whole World Full Of Petty Wars......I've Got Mine and You've Got Yours."

"No One Left To Place Or Take The Blame...We Have Left This Place An Empty Stone." *

So much for that resounding "Peace on Earrh". It was never louder than the beckoning of soldiers to war. Those empty souls who are left over, well they now must fend for themselves. She wonders sometimes, would it be easier to stop running and accept the chip? She has grown so weary.
"No!" she says to herself. She has survived this long. There must be a reason for it. At least she will find her children. In her heart she knows they are here on this barron planet......somewhere amongst the rubble, the bloody ruins of war. So she began to dig herself out of her temporary hiding place. For now.....


* I Changed the line, "We will leave this place an empty stone" as it was originally written to, "We have left this place an empty stone". To fit with the future times the story takes place in.

Author's Note: Although the lines taken from the song are legitimate, they are not exactly in order as written in the song.

(Taken from the song, "Throwing Stones" from the Grateful Dead's last album, "In the Dark" - Lyrics by Bob Wier)

[edit on 4/6/2006 by CyberKat]

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