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The Martyred Nazarene.

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posted on Apr, 6 2006 @ 02:32 AM

As the calf cleaves to it's Mother, so too should the human being cleave to the source of Righteousness; the sublime power of our intrinsic morality, the essence of consciousness, the essence of the soul.

Let the faithful understand that consciousness, and the source of consciousness, are one and the same.

Only ignorance can separate the self from the self.

Let not carved wood or words or images distract us from ourselves, nor from the focus and aim of our striving:


Beware of even the tiniest spark of idolatry.

Ay, that tiny spark begets the blinding smoke, and the burning flames of consequence.

Lo, see how the aim of life, virtuous conduct, is forgotten, as the idol becomes the focus of worship?

Do we not understand the pain we feel as a consequence of our misdeeds?


Naturally, our inability to understand the cause of our pain further saddens us, and leaves us feeling confused and unwise.

Until finally, the Joys of life, loving-kindness, compassion, a sense of wonder, become only the faint whisperings of an undefined longing.

Sensitive souls seek to know the nature of this longing for liberation; to find the answer.

The answer lies in Blessed Heresy; rebellion against fruitless religious teachings.

Heresy is a cry for Light emanating from the dark pit of unwisdom.

Heresy does not establish, but only opposes.

Over time, this opposition manifests itself within a collective of peoples who share a longing for Light, becoming cultural expression, and can be ruinous to established convention, custom and law.

The ruin wrought by Heresy paves the way for the coming of the Brave and Righteous Teacher;

He who is bold and unafraid, and who upholds the natural laws etched in our Hearts.

The mighty hunter who strikes great fear in the soul of the degenerate hypocrite religious leaders.

The Deliverer.

The Terrible One....


An impoverished person thinks of God as a gigantic being, who sits on a throne, up in the sky.

The Truth is:

God is the invisible invulnerable uncreated unmolecular emanating visible created matter.


God is the dynamic power behind creation and dissolution.

And God is what is created and dissolved.

God is the Spirit which is in all things, and IS all things.

And THAT is what you are.

Human consciousness is the invisible invulnerable uncreated unmolecular within created flesh.


An impoverished person thinks of a Messiah as some kind of super-being; walking on water and healing cripples with his magic powers.

The Truth is:

A Messiah is a human being like you and I.

The difference from ourselves being a ferocious fearlessness, an unequivocal boldness.

"Behold, I am sending you like sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and simple as doves.....I have come to bring fire to the Earth, and how I wish it were already kindled. Do not think that I have come to bring peace on Earth. For I have come to bring a sword, and to divide. I have come to set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law, and one's enemies will be of one's own household."

These words were spoken not by one who was meek and humble.

Jesus was a poor man, deemed unclean and uncouth, a commoner. Not of the proper social standing to be a Messiah.

But His passion met the hypocrites in the courts of the Temple, and He did chase them out with a whip.

And lo, He was deemed a violent fanatic, a madman.

As would any modern-day person be so deemed, were they to enter your church and do such things.

His dramatic Temple-cleansing causes Him to become wanted by the authorities, as He did break the Law, according to the degenerate hypocrite High Priests.

Jesus was a member of an oppressed population whose great power and charisma was a terrible threat to BOTH the ruling Romans and the obsequious ingratiating Hebrew High Priest sell-outs.

So the great man was captured, and citing the Law of Moses in the Sanhedrin, convicted and murdered.

But His words shall live forever.

As Jesus did teach, so would I.

Abandon your "Christianity". It is of no use to you.

Jesus did not "die for your sins". And none of us is "born of sin".

He died because He could not find a gracious host.

Nor was He the "savior".

As there is no monster living in the fiery bowels of the Earth, from whom you need to be saved.

And there is no need for human beings to erect temples to God's glory because the human being is that temple already.

This instruction is what sets the sons against the fathers, the daughters against the mothers.

My name is pRoPhEcY. This is what I have learned upon my journey.

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