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Why spend the money to rebuild new orleans??

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posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 12:21 PM
Top scientists argue that if we dont drop the earth temp by one degree celcius in the next decade that we will pass a point of no return. Storms will get worse, glaciers already melting at record rate will cause a global flood. The storm systems could rearange the known climate the world over...a loaded gun, dont you think??

We used to have to wait for decades to get a category 5 we get 3-5 a year?!?!?!?! The warmer it gets, the worse it gets for humanity.

Why spend the money on rebuilding a city that science predicts will be washed away, yet again and within a couple of years, maybe even this hurricane season!! And we are belching heat into our environment all the while as we build in a vain attempt to preserve and rebuild (which makes us the guilty of destroying ourselves) that which was taken away by a storm that reached devestating strength due to global warming in the first place!

Last year was the hottest on earth on record!! it was the lowest barometric pressure on record!!

Our ozone is already gone (because of mans self destructive ways) and as a result aiding in global warming. Killing our ozone was a point of no return too....we evidently arent learning our lesson, eh?? El nino has never been worse and will grow more serious further disrupting the worlds climate. And now china is going to rape the earth like america did in our industrial age. All those cars.........disgusting.

Entire ecosystems that depend on glaciers will be lost. Global warming will destroy civilization far faster than organized illuminati or politics or war or tyrants or terrorism.

We must stop our dependance on oil world wide. The typical house has cell phone, tv, fridge, computer, air conditioner, freezer, a car or two in the drive, a roof which soaks up, stores and then releases heat even after the sun is gone, and the typical modern city is nothing short of a gigantic earth oven with its concrete jungle and heat generating infrasystem...and if you multiply this by the billions on this earth from every country....what shall we do???

What are your thougts?

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posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 12:39 PM
Whiney liberals...

You are supposed to ignore that stuff. Be a good little ant and listen to Uncle Sam.

Global warming is a lie. Some hippy made it up...I think it was Abbey Hoffman, or Jim Morrison. Go buy a v-8. Smoke another cigerette. Eat another Big Mac. Watch some t.v. Be a good little consumer...You should be worried about Mexicans now...

Jeez...some people.

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