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is this John titor fake

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posted on Oct, 12 2003 @ 06:00 PM
my 4th time rewriting this

i found this:

its new but im 99.9% sure its fake take a look anyway

i cant find the old thread so sorry making a newone

[Edited on 12-10-2003 by Dmsoldier]

posted on Oct, 12 2003 @ 06:10 PM
It's a regurgitation of JT...nothing more.

posted on Oct, 14 2003 @ 12:46 AM
He even used one of my favorite Titor quotes!

Originally posted by dfdemar
Perhaps I should let you all in on a little secret. No one likes you in the future. This time period is looked at as being full of lazy, self-centered, civically and scientifically ignorant sheep. Perhaps you should be less concerned about me and more concerned about that.

shame, shame.

[Edited on 14-10-2003 by NephraTari]

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