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TES IV: Oblivion RAI funnies

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posted on Apr, 3 2006 @ 05:12 AM
With Oblivion out now for a few weeks, I think it's time to share some stories of RAI acting weird. I'll start of course,

I was walking along a massive lake when I saw a ripple in the water, thinking that it was a slaughterfish, I fired an arrow. But this was no simple fish, oh no! A high elf proceeded to walk out from the depths! He bid me good afternoon, then walked off down the road.

People who have completed the Arena will know this one. Adoring Fan was starting to really get on my nerves, so I lured him out to the wilderness and hit him wth a club, hoping to kill him, it didn't and he bolted off screaming. I didn't want a bounty so I took chase, when I got over a hill, I heard fighting and the last thing I saw of Adoring Fan was him being flung through the air by a guards claymore. The guard then sheathed his sword, and ran into the woods! Random.

One more thing, I've completed this game 100%, so if anyone wants to know how to get infinite money or 100 sneak skill at lvl 1, just ask.

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