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The real issue behind Illegal Immigration

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posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 04:18 PM
So far here on ATS and on the new for the most part with the exception of John Stewart, Lou Dobbs and Stephen Colbert no one has mentioned what i beleive to be the real issue surrounding illegal immigration.

1. Any descion made in regards to illegal immigration WILL NOT take into account the every day average american and what they care about.

2. Corporate America(The only America that matters to washington) wants illegal immigrants or a temp worker programm because it keeps costs low and prices high. You dont have to give an illegal any benefits cause he/she wont compain because they are illegal. You can pay them less the minimum cause thier country is so corrupt and despoted that it cant pay a tenth of the wages that our country can. But if you let the flow continue eventually its going to be us Europeans with whom EVERYONE seems to have a problem who will be illlegally immigrating...oo wait....No one wants Americans. So essentially if this illegal immigrations continues unchecked and unabated eventually our country will be just as bad as Mexico. Look at ANY border town, and ive lived in two, and you can see EXACTLY what our country will be like in less then20 years. Rampant gangs and all the BS they bring with them. Illiteracy. Inability or unwillingness to learn or speak english. These are the wonderous things our government has instore for us.

3. Less then 10% of illegal immigrants (US CENSUS 2004 information) come over for the pupose of working. Which means that 90% are here for a variety of other reasons...many pertaining to drug trafficing and various other illegal activities.

posted on Apr, 2 2006 @ 04:16 PM
There are so many issues and points to the illegal immigration issue that there is no one clear cut solution.

1. Corperate america wants a cheap labor force that can be exploted.

2. Coperate America wants free trade with Mexico/Central America to make more money, which drives the mexican economy into the groud so there will be more coming over the boarder

3. The Oligarchs of mexico want all the money via trade for themselves and the corrupt governement lets them keep the money while turnign a blind eye to the infanstructed of its country.

4. The average joe/chino just wants a living wage, and can only find it in america. and will risk thier lives to cross the boarder.

5. There is no way for America companies to make sure they don't hire illegals with forged documents, nor is there any incentive for them to check.

6. with 11 million illegal immigrants in the United states there is no feasable way to deport them, or jail them for breaking what amounts to a minor civil law.

There are only a few ways to stop this, and one is fianlyl rasiing the minimum wage to reflect at least inflation since the last time it was raised (which is about $8.00/hr)

Secondly there needs to be an incentive for boarder crossers to reveal themselves and put themselves under the protection of the law. one awy to do that is to grant them temporary visas for declaring as lone as they follow a process to learn english, get a GED and become citezans. If they fail to follow through they will be deported.

Lastly force american companies to police themselves by giving them the means to do so, that way if they DO take advatage of illegals there can be a stiffer punishment then the current "All these are illegals, I dont want to see them working here again or you will get fined"

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