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Taught of God

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posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 12:09 PM
March 28, 2006
In a dream, I saw a classroom, and my husband was within it as though speaking to a blondish brown haired heavy set woman who was sitting next to him. And I came on in the room which I also saw the seats were all close by to each other. And I even had to walk over the desks to get to where my husband was. And when I got to him I kissed him on the neck to let the woman know that he was taken already. And I remember seeing her with a young boy who was also standing at her side in another scene later on.

Now in another scene, there was a hallway, where my eldest sister in law was at. And she was also as though calling or talking to our brother in law on the phone. But as she called he was laughing, and could not hear her over the joy he had of being with his kids. And I was also on the phone listening and when he hung up she began to speak with me, in which I met her in the hallway. And it was as though she needed someone to help her take care of her children. And she spoke to me of something and it was something about a calendar or of a date yet I could not understand what she was saying that well because she was going in and out around the hallway past the pillars and walls. And I saw I was now in the main room of this hallway and there I saw was a desk and there were also mainly black women in the room and a man was as though the head of this desk. And I saw as the women went about this room where the desk was here and there and I even walked amongst them without intimidation and no care of what they thought. And I opened the drawers to the desk, for the desk was turned with its drawers outward. And I opened the drawer as though to place something within it.

And so, still within this same place I went back on to the classroom where my husband was and the classroom was still full with students, who I also saw were some I actually went to school with. And when I turned to the front of the classroom where the entrance way was, I saw and looked and behold, the teacher was Don Johnson. And I saw that he was giving out the results of the state mandated test, and I saw as mostly the young Mexican girls who I used to hang out with, were given their tests, and see, these had high scores and gathered together to tell and show one another. And as I stood among them, I saw and as though it felt that these were quite proud of their scores as even they were immigrants as well.

Now I wondered where my test scores were so I went up to the teacher who was Don Johnson, and asked him where mine was. And he looked at me and told me, this is all he had, for in his hand were a few plastic zip lock bags, a few empty envelopes, and some gold trinkets which I saw he was now going to teach the students how to make necklaces or jewelry from them. And I picked up the pile which he placed on the floor to see where my mandated test was and see, I had nothing, even no score, even though I was an American. And I wondered of the thing…and I slowly put the pile of plastic bags, and empty envelopes back onto the ground next to where he stood, and slowly walked out the door. But in my hands, I picked up some jewelry, even like two pieces which I had created, which I had not learned from the teacher who looked also to be Don Johnson. And I thought upon the matter…for the young Mexican girls, who I knew, within the dream, could use those scores to become important people in the world, even some had scores that were high enough so they could work at NASA.

And see, I, an American, within the dream, was not given the opportunity to take such tests for the system seemed to exalt the Mexicans who were within the classroom over its own people. And Don Johnson also looked upon me with no cares or feelings about what happened with my testing. And I saw that even though I was not given such opportunity among them, or given high scores, I saw that the same things the teacher was going to teach them, of making gold necklaces, I saw that I was already taught of God… and that only did matter to me.

And that is as best I can remember of this dream for right now.

JOSUA Chpt 9

taught of God
ESAI or ISAIAH Chpt 54



God Bless


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