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Recognizing Mind Control?

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posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 11:36 AM
How do I know if I am having my mind controlled by another individual? Is it possible or am I paranoid? I do engage in a regular hypnosis session and so I am aware of the potential during those sessions but I mean outside of those sessions.

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 11:57 AM
I think the most obvious would be missing time. Classic mind control techniques involve creating multiple personalities which are not aware of each other, ie. "compartmentalized personality".

However, a different type of mind control called coercive persuation can often be more effective... because the one being controlled really believes in what he/she is doing. This only works well in cults however, who are sheltered from the outside world/reality.

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 12:43 PM
What makes us 'individuals' is that we ultimately control our own minds. Even under hypnosis, you are still in control of what you choose to say or do...hypnosis is done with "suggestion" becuase there is no way anyone can fully control someones thoughts.

Don't get me wrong, everything influences us, in what I would term manipulation. Even now, what I'm speaking to you is manipulating what you think about "mind control". I can not control what you think, but I can manipulate how you think. A prime example of this is done with science and the experiments done to prove certain scientific theories. All I have to do is show you all the evidence that supports my theory and exclude all of the evidence that dose not. Your mind is never truley controlled becuase you have the choice as an idividual to believe whatever you want and think how you want. Although, I have manipulated your thinking by only giving you one side of the story... children are a prime example of manipulation to the point it may seem they are in control, but lets face it...the parents still run the show.

Freedom of choice is why we cannot be controlled. Even if you are a prisoner of war (i use this example becuase it holds the most extream circumstances to which one could be controlled) you still hold freedom of choice and there for you are still in control of what you do and think. You still have the choice rather you eat or drink, rather you listen and do what your told, rather you fight the guards everyday or just lay around and never say a word. Point is, you control your actions still even in extream emotional/physical circumstances.

It dosn't stop here... What about the random thoughts that are presented in our minds you may ask? How could we have control over that?!?!

I went through a phaze of stealing candy bars as a kid, yes I was hanging around friends that did it and i choose to participate. When I was doing this, every time I walked into a store I was presented with the thought of stealing and how to do it. Now that I'm WAY past that and have grown up, I never even think to steal...the thought just never enters my mind. And really...why would a thought like that enter my mind when I pay no attention to it and dismiss it so I can entertain other thoughts that are more stimulating to ME.

Maybe it would be easier to relate if I used sexual thoughts since not everyone has stolen, but everyone has sexual thoughts. Everyone has certain sexual thoughts or fantasies that are more sexualy arousing then the rest, notice that these are the most predominate sexual thoughts. It's as if we said on a subconcious level "I like how this thought makes me feel, I would like more please" and the mind responds by useing the same basic themes or visions when one is being or wants to be sexualy aroused.

You might find this post I made a few days ago interesting to you since it gives an idea of mind control within you pertaining to how negative vs positive ways of being effect the thoughts in our heads...although it will help to understand another aspect of "mind control" or manipulation, it is off topic for the most part.

To answer your question with the best of my understanding/knowledge/education, the only person that has control over your mind is.....YOU.

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