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Consquences of the war in Iran

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posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 02:25 AM
Let me first establish that there are no facts or stats here, you can find them in other threads. This is pure speculation with the hope of igniting a discussion (which is, after all, why we're here).

War with Iran is now inevitable, unfortunately.

I was in favour of going into Iraq at first. I mean call me crazy but I wanted to put a little faith into the people who ran our proud nations (the UK in my case), and it was time for Saddam to go. In hindsight this was naive; I didn't want to imagine a world where we were lied to by people at the top.

Now we are throwing out identical accusations at Iran and it looks 99% certain that our troops will be there by the end of the year. In the meantime we'll continue to struggle to maintain any kind of order in Iraq, and eventually we'll ahve bitten off far more than we can chew. We are poking holes into a very leaky part of the world, and it's only a matter of time before it backfires. People just don't seem to care that we really are playing dangerous games with our planet.

What what will be the repurcussions of an Iranian invasion? Will Western people finally make a MEANINGFUL stand against this? Or will we just flock to our messageboards again and speuclate on theories as to why it's happened? We as a people need ANSWERS, and not the complete bull# we are being told. So where does this start? How can we stop this? What will it take?

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 04:42 AM
hmm... I don't think war is inevitable... far from it. If there is any armed response to Iranian nuclear ambitions, aside from some air and logistical support, the UK cannot afford to give much in the way of troops and ordinance anyhow.

Sure you don't want to believe in a world where the powerful lie to the masses... but when the lies are flimsy at best... well I don't know really... it's a judgement call...

Iraq is going to be a widening issue... I think everyone is sure of that, whatever side of the fence you find yourself... Afghanistan isn't getting much better either, and considering the fact that the British forces there are getting a significant boost in numbers, this is probably another inhibiting factor in the likeliness of UK forces in Iran any time soon...

As I have stated in another post... the US doesn't have the economic or political captial to start a full-blown war in Iran... the numbers just don;t crunch...

Would the populations in the West rise in opposition to a war in Iran... sure... I was out in London with the 100s of 1000s who marched against this present war... did it stop it? Nah... and people remember that...

If an increase UK military spending (such as would be required for any more exciting foreign wars) was suddenly funded in a round-about way through increases in council tax.. then there would be riots!


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