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Pull me out. pleeeeease.

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posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 12:22 AM

So In the past I had seen one of you "specials" talking of being able to help people like me out.

I think you have helped the RiverGodess.

I am very open and very aware of the "world" that surrounds me. I asked my guardian for help once before and he pulled me very hard by my wrist quite unexpectantly and I (very regretably) automaticaly resisted, I was doing my own thing at the time, too focused on projecting. I hope you still go through these forums.

or if ANY of you are able to "Help" others out by this way of pulling please let me know. I dont speficially need this one person all though it seems TheRivergodess had a pretty good turn out.

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posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 11:23 AM
What in the world are you talking about? You just registered for this site yesterday.

posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 11:42 AM
So wut if im new, Ive been reading these forums for about a year. who cares if i got a login yesterday, that has nothing to do with my request. your comment was useless. dont post again unless your of useful info to the subject at hand. this is my thread please follow my requests.

posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 12:02 PM

1) That was a forum moderator you were talking to.
You know the ones who can ignore it, warn you(lose points and posting previlges(i believe) for like 48 hours, or help you find what you want/need if you treat them with the respect they have earned/deserve.

Where as I agree Nygdan could have been much CLEARER and more polite, the point is still valid.

The point is you did not clear describe what it is you are looking for information wise.

I believe you are now looking for that same "force" that pulled you before, but now you are open to where it will be pulling/directing you.

If I have the right idea, respond as such and people may be able to help you or at least guide you to information resorces that you may check.

If I don't have the right idea, please repost exactly what it is you want is clear detail, like we don't know what you are talking about.

You are new, it is generally expected that it takes a little time and help getting used to the way things are and are not done here.

posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 12:04 PM

Originally posted by Benbo42o
your comment was useless. dont post again unless your of useful info to the subject at hand. this is my thread please follow my requests.

Please check your attitude.

Your initial post is confusing. I don't understand it either. If you wish to elaborate, please do so, but you do not control who posts in your thread, nor how they post.

Now, what did you mean? I'm very curious.

posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 12:41 PM
He's talking about Astral Projection.

I don't think there are many "specials" (as you put it) in this forum. You pretty much have to be awakened and able to project at will to pull anybody out with any efficiency. But hey, if there are any here, I wouldn't mind a little tug now and again either

I've had people ask about this topic a number of times, and the answer I always give is that pulling people out is very hard. There are a lot of factors involved:

First, both the people have to be trying at the same time. One person has to be out, and the other has to be already laying down relaxed.

The next problem is distance. Especially with people over the internet, it is very hard to find people you don't even know. If someone lived in your city and you knew the way to their house, it would be a lot easier. You can go straight to someone if you know someone quite personally, but this doesn't work for strangers. When you're talking about international distances, manually getting there can be quite tough.

Next, even if someone gets to your house and tries to pull you out, it might not work. You may not be at a point where you are ready yet. You essentially have to be 99% on your way to doing it on your own to get it. I have an example for this.... I asked my friend to pull me out before, since he was quite adept at Out of Body Experience/Astral Projection, and he agreed. I went to bed that night and he APed to my house. The idea was for him to wake me up into a lucid dream, where I could project from much easier. But the plan wasn't that good. My awareness was apparently not up to par, and although he tried to pull me out a dozen times, every time he said I fell back asleep almost immediately. Finally after a dozen times or so, he just gave up and left. (I can't back this up since I can't conciously remember, but I take his word for it).

I know there are more factors but I can't remember at this exact moment. If I remember any more reasons why it is improbable to do, I'll post.

Even if you are ready, they have to be there and act at the exactly right moment. I would stick with asking a higher self/guide for help, or something similar. People aren't that reliable or experienced at this type of thing

It's worth noting that beginners luck is quite common though. If you're trying your hardest every day and you still have problems, somebody will likely lend you a bit of help. Just not the kind that usually reads forums.
Here is a U2U that I sent someone on this exact topic before. I don't feel like rewording it, so some of the material from above has been repeated.

Yes you can be pulled out by other people, but there are quite a few problems. First of all, finding another person far away in the world is pretty hard in real life, not to mention in the Astral. If you have some sort of connection to them, it can be easier to get there, sometimes you can even sort of instantaniously get there just by focusing your thoughts on them, but since I hardly know you, someone would have to know where you live and manually try and get there. So this only really works if you have a friend in your city, or at least that's the easiest way.

Another problem is that although you can be pulled out, you might not remember it. When I was first started playing around with AP I asked my friend to come and pull me out, and he did manage to get to me and try (Or at least I take his word for it), and he said he tried pulling me out a dozen times, but I just kept repeatedly falling asleep. I have no recollection of it. In other words, for someone to actually 'pull you out', you pretty much have to already be able to AP on your own. It's very easy for your mind to just wander and you will sink back into deep sleep. If you don't have the ability to concentrate and focus, even if someone pulls you out, you aren't going to know.

There is a lot that has to go right to pull someone out. You have to know them and how to get to them, and I don't even know what you look like, if you're male or female even . And then you have to also be ready as well.

So unfortunately pulling you out probably isn't going to work. Maybe I can show up in your dreams though and yell "HEY [name removed], YOU'RE DREAMING, WAKE UP" and then you would become lucid and maybe it would be easier for you to project from there.

One very important thing is how much do you practice. If you only try to AP once every week or few days, you're basically just relying on luck and it could take YEARS to make it out. So if you really want to do it, devote as much time as you can to it. Try to AP at least once a day (easier said than done). Don't let yourself get discouraged. Just keep trying and eventually you'll get it. Think of it like working out your physical body. If you go to the gym and run every day, you will notice results way before if you only did it once a week or month. So practice APing each day if possible, and keep reading up on it to keep your mind interested in it, even when you aren't having any success.

In order to give more specific help I'd need to know what you have already done:
*What techniques have you tried so far?
*How long do you usually attempt for?
*Do you lay down or sit up when you do it?
*Do you have any kind of relaxation technique you use before you start?
*Do you usually end in falling asleep by accident or getting up?
*Have you felt any of the sensations associated with projecting so far?
*Any other insight you can give...

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posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 01:55 PM
Mr. monsoon, you are very much so correct. I Was talking of AP/ OBE, In lookin for A force of help. I look back at the post and I was pretty vague. Sorry bout that, and about the reply to that moderator... Respect me, I will very much respect you. Thanks you Mr.MonSoon.

Yarcofin, Thank you very much for the Info also. I find this to be what I was looking for. Although I have been researching and searching for much time now I thought maybe opinion would help me best. I find it helped the most. Thank you for being exact and clear in you post.

Ima keep up the practice.

And why does it matter i just registerd just the day before?

posted on May, 17 2008 @ 11:48 PM
PLEASE HELP..We are being attack astrally by someone.. my girlfriend has spoken to him and he told her he was doing it.. he knows everything about us everything we say everything we do , the federal police in ausralia cannot help us and we are living in fear. I one evening was pushed through a window by theis person and found myself on the floor shaking.. its not an entity it is someone in the astral as we can feel him in the room.. is there any form of protection you can tell us about please as our we are living in fear of our lives and no one believes us.

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 12:13 AM
I have been trying to Astrally project on and off for a few years now. I always seem to lose interest in it and then come back to it a few months down the track.

Getting pulled out seems like a "quick fix" but really I don't think it will achieve anything productive. It seems like you are jumping into the deep end before learning the ropes.

My advice is keep trying yourself, when you are ready, it will happen. Right now I'm working with The Gateway Experience and it seems like a really cool tool. But even know I'm still running into obstacles (my damn stiff neck), I can't get into a fully relaxed state at the moment.

ANYWAYS. Enough about me, good luck with your adventures.

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 12:41 AM
i agree with the above poster in that the quick fix of being "pulled" [though offering immediate results] is not the way to go about doing it. i have been actively researching and trying to AP for the last 6 months. i have gotten close, but i have not broken the barrier. from rivergoddess' thread on OOBE, she was pulled out but even she admitted to having tried and studied about it for many many years.

my suggestion is to read her thread thoroughly...there are gems of insight littered throughout.

also, it helps to have tactile references [books] to review different techniques or visualization/meditation exercises. you can find many options on astral projection at book stores, and hopefully, they'll have a whole new age or metaphysics section to delve in to.

i recommend Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce. it's a thorough and hands-on guide to AP, utilizing visualizations, energy flow, and trance.

if you are dead-set on shortcuts or quick fixes, try listening to binaural beats via MP3/CD or free beat generator software. it basically tricks/makes your mind a certain frequency. Delta and Theta frequencies are synonymous with those in trance or meditation, which in turn helps prepare your body for AP.

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