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Dear Sarah: Pt. 2

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posted on Mar, 23 2006 @ 05:46 PM
*(Note: This story is a continuation of Dear Sarah, Regarding Your Late Husband...Part One)

Dear Sarah:

It would be nice if I could say that everything in my life has returned to normal, but things are still far from such. I have, however, returned to work. The therapy is helping, but disturbing revelations continue to manifest almost every day. After I wrote my last letter to you, I decided to undergo another hypnosis session, hoping to gain new insight and understanding of the events surrounding the night of your hunting trip, and your husband’s death. Prepare yourself: the following account consists of my recollections while under hypnosis at Dr. Ginsberg’s office, and they are even more strange and bizarre than what was described in the first session.

Upon meeting the strange visitors in the forest that night, it seems that I blacked out completely. When I awoke, I found myself lying on a cold, hard table in a brightly lit room. At first, I thought that I had awaken in some kind of hospital - the walls were a sterile white color and the light came from some sort of large circular lens which appeared to be molded into the ceiling overhead. I was in fact feeling quite relaxed - that is, until I turned my head slightly and saw the four beings standing next to the table. They looked like the same beings I had seen in the woods, and I was shaken with terror at the sight of those large-headed figures with the enormous black eyes. In that instant, the only thing I wanted to do was fight them, but hard as I tried, I was still unable to move anything except my neck.

Lying there, I was shocked to see one of the beings reach down somewhere under the table and retrieve the longest, thinnest needle I have ever seen. As I tried to scream, the only sound that emerged from my throat was a frantic, high-pitched squeak. The being holding the needle said nothing, but somehow I was able to understand his horrible intentions. Apparently, there was something they needed to find out about me, and the needle was intended for that purpose. Suddenly, I felt the cold pressure of some kind of restraining arm close down on my forehead, and before I had time to think, the being braced the side of my head with its tiny grey hand-and, with two of the fingers of its other hand, began to touch the corners of my right eye...

At this point in the session I started frantically screaming for Dr. Ginsberg to wake me up. I was remembering something that was so horrifying I didn’t want to re-live it again. She quickly responded by bringing me back to the present, and then suggesting that I focus my thoughts on how comfortable the chair felt. In a few minutes, I became totally relaxed. Then she asked me if I was willing to try exploring the experience again. She promised me, however, that this time I would be able to describe the events as if I were seeing a movie, rather than experiencing them firsthand. Feeling more secure with this technique, I agreed to try it one more time. After a couple of minutes, Dr. Ginsberg was able to bring me back to the event.

When I saw what the beings were doing, I was utterly horrified. The being which was leaning over me placed his fingers around the corners of my right eye, and dislocated it from the socket. The same being then quickly took the needle and forcefully pushed the end of it deep into my eye-socket, penetrating my brain. Although I was clearly terrified during the procedure, the only pain I remember was a quick burning sensation as the needle went in. The sound it made during penetration, however, was a squishy, popping noise, and to this day my stomach turns every time I remember it. I then saw a bright flash of light, and this was immediately followed by a series of vivid images which I am unable to completely describe. I seem to remember pictures of my own childhood, and then a warm calm settled over me. At some point both the needle and the restraining arm were removed(I guess my eye was put back into place also) and I turned my head to the left. What I saw was truly astonishing.

The focus of the beings’ attention was now Daryl, who was lying on a table next to mine, and appeared to be unconscious. One of the beings retrieved something resembling a scalpel from under the table. After opening Daryl’s shirt, the being used this instrument to make a small, straight incision in the center of Daryl’s abdomen, just below the breastbone. There appeared to be some bleeding when this occurred, but not the huge amount that I would have expected by such an operation.

Then the being brought forth what looked like a set of metallic forceps, and pushed the ends of it into the incision. When the forceps were retracted from deep inside his chest, I saw an object in their grasp. The object was small, silver, and round - it seemed to have the shape and color of a pocket watch, and was still connected to his body by a couple of thin wires.

It was too gruesome, and I couldn’t bear to watch what was going on. When I turned my head, I found myself facing another being. I tried to ask it why they were doing this to him, and how they had any right to cut him open like that. As the being stared at me with those deep, black eyes, I heard a clear and direct voice inside my head say,
“Adjustment of the component is necessary to avoid interference with our test.”

Then the situation changed dramatically. Turning my head to see what they were doing, I watched in shock as Daryl began to turn a pale blue color, and all five of the small grey beings rushed to his side. Exactly what they were doing at this point I do not know, but all of them started rushing around frantically, and I could tell that something was definitely very wrong. They said nothing, but as I watched them I found that I could perceive the thoughts of one of the beings. It seemed to be relating something to the others to the effect of - “the component is not correct”-and-“this has never happened before.” And it must have known that I was watching it, because it suddenly turned around, looked at me for a moment, and shoved another needle into the side of my head. Then everything went black.

Upon waking from this hypnotic session, Dr. Ginsberg asked that I discuss my feelings toward the experience. I had mixed emotions: the memories were more frightening and disturbing than before, yet I found myself filled with curiosity in regard to whether or not the event was real. When I asked her if these were common reactions to alien abductions, she told me that victims typically react in a number of ways. Some remain horrified and afraid; others become quite fascinated by the event and decide to explore the subject even further.

As I said, for me the result has been a combination of both. The fear is ever-present. I still find myself occasionally waking up from nightmares-the most common one involves the memory of seeing Daryl on that table, helpless and unconscious, while the little grey beings proceed with their operation. Will they come back? How can I protect myself against beings which have a technology that is apparently centuries ahead of our own? Does our government know what is going on? Every time I look into the night sky I am reminded of my own vulnerability, and I know I’ll never be the same again.

The most burning question of all, however, is this - did it really happen at all? While doing research on my own, I discovered that the operations which seemed to have been performed on both your late husband and I were among many commonly reported abduction medical procedures. Yet I still remain skeptical. The details of the experience are simply too strange for me to accept without proof, and I would have never revealed this information to you had I not recently discovered some physical evidence which I consider to be relevant.

Sometime between the first and second hypnosis session, I began to be concerned that I might have some sort of physical brain disorder which could cause me to hallucinate. Because this was a very real possibility, I contacted a neurologist at a local hospital, and underwent a series of tests. During the course of these tests, I underwent a type of brain X-ray known as a CAT scan. Although it revealed nothing in the way of any sort of brain dysfunction, the images did display something quite unusual. There appeared to be a peculiar lesion showing in a region of my brain called the temporal lobes. I asked the neurologist how it could have gotten there, and he was unable to come up with any sort of explanation.

I thought about the operation which the beings performed on me. I remember the first few nights following the hunting trip; each night I would wake up shivering and nauseated. What was the cause of this sudden illness?


Sarah, I hope you can understand that there are no clear and easy answers. I cannot rest, however, until I find some kind of evidence that can show whether or not this event did take place. This brings me to the most difficult part of this letter. With your permission, I would like to review the records pertaining to your late husband’s autopsy. I know this is a lot to ask, and I’m sure you would like to put the issue behind you once and for all. Those documents, however, may be an important piece in this puzzle which has driven me to the edge of my own sanity. Please consider my request, and respond as quickly as possible.


Dear Sarah:
Thank you for speaking with me in person over the telephone last week. I was quite relieved to find that you felt the same urgency that I did to see the autopsy records. Since the Sheriff’s department sent us both a copy, I’m sure that you have been looking over them as closely as I have for the past few days. Besides the official cause of death, which is stated as acute cardiac failure, there are a few items contained in the report which do seem to shed new light on the nature of his death, and how it relates to my experience. I want to call your attention to the following information:

1. The pathologist noted an unusual scar of unknown origin in the center of the abdomen, exactly fifteen centimeters long, reddish in color, and very thin. It was located ten centimeters below the sternum, and appeared to have been made recently.

2. The above-mentioned scar did not appear to have healed normally. Rather - it seemed to have been “cauterized” as a result of heat applied through some unidentified medical procedure. For this the pathologist had no explanation.

3. The report notes another, more ordinary looking surgical scar in the middle of the subject’s chest. It goes on to state that the subject had been fitted with an artificial pacemaker, and that the device was removed and returned to the cardiologist for examination.

This third item caught my attention immediately. I had no idea your late husband was the recipient of such a device, and, although you would have been well aware of it, you never mentioned this to me! Upon searching through an illustrated medical book which I have in a drawer at home, I was startled by the photograph it contained of a pacemaker. Having gone to law school instead of medical school, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I realized that I had only seen that type of device once before in my life.

What I saw in that photograph was the very same round, tiny, silver object I remember under hypnosis.

It was the same object I saw the beings pull from your husband’s chest.

Upon reading this letter, I’m sure that you will be shocked by this new - and disturbing - aspect of the situation. But I hope you can understand why I need for you to get in touch with Daryl’s cardiologist as soon as possible. I must ask that you authorize him to release more of Daryl’s medical information to me, because I have some important questions regarding his heart condition. Please call or write to me as soon as you can.

Your Caring Friend

Dear Sarah:

I received your letter last week, and have some new and fascinating information to report. I also want to thank you for sending me copies of Daryl’s medical records, and for contacting Dr. Fulke at the Long Beach Center for Cardiology. When I called him last Wednesday, I expected to encounter some reluctance to share private medical information, having not been one of Daryl’s immediate family. I was surprised to find him very open and cooperative, and he explained to me that you had called him earlier in the week and had O.K.’d everything.

As you know, Daryl had suffered a hear attack six years ago, and this had been the result of damage caused by infective endocarditic. Following the heart attack, he was left with occasional atrial fibrillation, or in layman’s terms, an irregular heartbeat. In order to correct this, he was fitted with a 1 ½ ounce lithium-battery-powered pacemaker. The device works by sending a periodic electric charge to the heart through a thin wire attached to the right ventricle.

As you also know, two years ago Daryl underwent a second operation-this time he was given a new type of pacemaker. The new device is known as a double-pulse nuclear pacemaker, also called the Pulsar N-5. It is powered by a tiny pastille of plutonium, which is coated with titanium. It is different from the first type of device in that it is designed to last indefinitely. Also, this device is connected to the heart by two wires: one attached to the top chamber (right atrium) and another attached to the bottom chamber (left ventricle). By sending alternating charges to these areas, the device is more effective in regulating heart rhythm.

I was curious to find out if the pacemaker had shown evidence of any mechanical defect. Dr. Fulke said that he had sent the unit back to the manufacturer, and a thorough inspection found nothing wrong with it. It was then, while looking over the autopsy report and medical records which the doctor had laid open on his desk, that I discovered an unusual discrepancy in the documents. As I was reading the autopsy report in front of me, I saw that the pacemaker was listed as model A-1886. When I glanced back at Daryl’s personal medical records, I noticed that the unit was described as model N-0029.

When I mentioned this to Dr. Fulke, he assured me that this was not a mistake. The model that Daryl had used was very new at the time - clinical trials were completed less than six months prior to the operation. As always with any new treatment, there are a certain number of patients who will possess an urgent need for the latest improvements in medical technology. Daryl was one of those patients.

The doctor then revealed a surprising fact which made my eyebrows rise upon hearing it. Because the device was so new, there had been an unexpected shortage of pacemaker casings for that model. Because the device was similar in size and shape to the older one-chamber lithium devices, the unit had been shipped inside one of the unsold older casings. This would not present a problem, of course, because the newer device was designed to last for the rest of the patient’s natural life.

It was then that I asked the doctor one very straightforward and simple question. What would happen if another doctor removed the unit while still connected to the patient, and attempted to alter its function in any way? He found this to be a rather odd question, but nevertheless stated that if someone did attempt such a procedure without knowing that the device was a dual chamber nuclear one instead of the older design, the result could be catastrophic.

I remember the words that were projected by the being when Daryl died on the table.

“The component is not correct.”

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

I will continue to search for more information over the next two weeks, and will send you another letter before the end of the month. Until then, feel free to send me any more information you might find. I have been grateful for your help and interest in this matter. Thank you.

Your Caring Friend,

Dear Sarah,

More than a month has passed since I last wrote to you, and you’re probably wondering why I haven’t communicated with you for so long. All I can tell you is that this particular letter hasn’t been an easy one to write. Last month I was hoping to find some answers which could help to make sense of this painful ordeal, but what I have discovered has only left me with more questions.

Having found a new interest in the matter, I’ve been researching the entire subject of UFO - alien abduction encounters. This led me to wonder if Jack or Fred had remembered any unusual UFO related experiences in the past. When I called them two weeks ago, both of them denied remembering any encounters of this type. I still haven’t told them about my own recollections of the hunting trip, and I find myself unwilling to do so. Without further proof that something did in fact occur, I do not want to inflict any more emotional distress over this.

One place where I have searched for such proof is the actual campsite itself. I took a plane to Wyoming earlier this month, and with an airport rental, drove up the five-mile stretch of dirt road to arrive at the exact spot where we had pitched our tents on that ill-fated evening. From there I walked up that mountain alone, and around noon I found a small clearing in the woods where I suspect that the abduction may have taken place. To my surprise, resting on top of a small granite rock, I found a flashlight with a broken lens - Daryl’s flashlight.

Upon finding this item I became filled with excitement over the possibility of finding even more physical proof: tracks, holes, or burn marks which could prove that the strangest and most unbelievable parts of my experiences were truly part of the cold hard world of reality. Unfortunately, even though I searched the forest meticulously until sunset, my efforts turned up absolutely nothing. I'd gone there filled with hope and expectation, I left with disappointment and doubt.

I’ve spent the last few days searching my own memories for any recollections of UFO experiences which may have taken place in my life before the hunting trip. I have none. The fact that this may be a one-time event in my life is reassuring(at the same time it worries me a little, but I won’t go into that). Now I have accepted the fact that I may never be able to prove anything ever happened that night aside from Daryl having a tragic heart attack.

Dr. Ginsberg wishes me to continue working with her, due to the unusual nature of this case which is part of an unusual phenomenon itself (she plans to publish a book on the subject). I have decided not to continue further exploration into the matter, whether it be through hypnosis or any other type of investigation. I feel that I’ve come to terms with the experience, and need to pursue the other goals in my life which I’ve been ignoring since your late husband’s death.

Things have been going much better at work and in my career. Our firm merged with another this week, and yesterday I got some excellent news. I have been promoted to the position of vice-president, and will be relocating to Seattle next month. Jennifer is excited, and since I haven’t told her anything about my experiences, I don’t think that I ever will. We will be happy in Washington, and I have begun to say goodbye to all my good friends and associates.

It is with this letter that I say goodbye to you too, Sarah. Thank you for being there, and thank you for listening.

Your Caring Friend,

There is one more thing which I need to tell you. When I wrote this letter there was an issue that disturbed me, an issue that I felt was too distressing to mention . . . and it involves you. It concerns the fact that I never seemed to have had any prior abduction experiences. Since I began looking into the subject, I have discovered that many abductees have not only a repeat history of abductions, but a family history as well. It seems that many who share this phenomenon also report parents, children, and especially spouses as having unknowingly been part of these experiences, sometimes being abducted and experimented upon along with them. This matter worried me greatly, as I would be unable to deal with the possibility that this may have happened, or still be happening, to Jennifer. It was a great relief to realize that I have never had any UFO-related encounters before, and apparently neither have Fred nor Jack. But Daryl did.

I clearly remember when, a couple of years ago during an afternoon luncheon, he told me that he'd always been interested in stories about UFO’s, and that he'd seen more than one of them when he was a child living in Rhode Island. At the time I didn’t give much thought to that statement, but now...

Sarah, in now way am I intending to frighten you or make you feel less secure. I simply could not finish this letter without giving you some kind of warning. I wish the best of luck to you, and God bless.

[edit on 23-3-2006 by Flatwoods]

posted on Mar, 23 2006 @ 07:34 PM

The absolute attention to detail makes me wonder how well-read you are on the subject. The surgical procedure outlined is 'textbook' compared to statements made by abductees and the unlucky circumstance with the 'pacemaker switch' produced an interesting twist, showing fallibility in the aliens. Nice.

That makes for great tension...

In fact, the medium of the letters throughout the story gives it both a personal feel, as if you're reading a cousin's letters, and yet, it provides us a beautifully executed 'third person' as story teller.

That is also tension...

you're setting the bar here

Thanks, Flatwoods

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