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Why does the government hide things out of this world?

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posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 12:05 AM
Read, watch and listen to everything on the website, and you will soon figure the answer to your question. Everything will become very clear and obvious in a hurry.

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 12:08 AM

Originally posted by GradyPhilpott
Why would there be riots if the public were made aware of the existence of extraterrestrial life? What would be the point of SETI if there were already aliens here? Why would we be flying that dilapidated old Shuttle if we had reverse-engineered alien technology?

They aren't here and they never have been, unless of course you are speaking of the supermaterial inhabitants of and visitors to our planet who don't need material craft to get about.

No one mentioned the word "riot" before you, Grady. I only mentioned that perhaps studies would show that societal response would not be favorable; what constitutes an unfavorable response is left up--like all of this--to speculation.

A majority of SETIs funds are in the form of private cash; taxpayers fund a small fraction of SETI's budget in the form of grants--if I remember correctly. You're welcome to check this on their website. Even if SETI was primarily a public project, that doesn't mean that this organization wouldn't be allowed to continue for cover.

There's a huge assumption in your response that we can reverse-engineer all of the technology, and also, that we would make it publicly available. There are worldwide social and political consequences to revealing, and using, any of this technology in an untimely fashion; a situation not unlike the atomic bomb. Once it's out--it's out, there's no stuffing it back in the box, or pretending that it doesn't exist--a whole new level of M.A.D. Again, this assumes that their technology is light years ahead of us...perhaps they're only a hundred years or so. Maybe they're just beginning to perfect interstellar flight.


While you may believe aliens wouldn't contradict your belief in your religion, intelligent extraterrestrial life would have enormous impacts on theological questions and answers, particularly in Judeo-Christian thought. For those who believe in the literal truth of the bible, god made man in his own image--what if these beings do not follow suit? If god created life in the entire universe, then how come these aliens believe in such-and-such, or believe in nothing at all, or never developed religion, or have no concept of religion as we know it. Or what if they too, reached the conclusions of Darwin, and better yet, can produce the missing link in their chain. "Meltdown" is a big word, I agree, but to believe that the world's religions, never mind the world in general, will shrug and reply with a devil-may-care, ho-hum attitude is naive.

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 12:42 AM

Originally posted by Dr_Faustus
No one mentioned the word "riot" before you, Grady.

You're wrong.

Originally posted by whitelightwolf
There are many reasons as to why the government hides these things..The main reason is because there would be riots if people were to find out aliens suddenly existed. Another problem would would change the way people would think...and the world in that matter.

It could be possible that aliens might share the core religious belief of evolutionary religion and may even have a better grasp of revealed religion, not that I believe that they are here.

All mortal-inhabited worlds are evolutionary in origin and nature. These spheres are the spawning ground, the evolutionary cradle, of the mortal races of time and space. Each unit of the ascendant life is a veritable training school for the stage of existence just ahead, and this is true of every stage of man's progressive Paradise ascent; just as true of the initial mortal experience on an evolutionary planet as of the final universe headquarters school of the Melchizedeks, a school which is not attended by ascending mortals until just before their translation to the regime of the superuniverse and the attainment of first-stage spirit existence.

All inhabited worlds are basically grouped for celestial administration into the local systems, and each of these local systems is limited to about one thousand evolutionary worlds. This limitation is by the decree of the Ancients of Days, and it pertains to actual evolutionary planets whereon mortals of survival status are living. Neither worlds finally settled in light and life nor planets in the prehuman stage of life development are reckoned in this group.

Satania itself is an unfinished system containing only 619 inhabited worlds. Such planets are numbered serially in accordance with their registration as inhabited worlds, as worlds inhabited by will creatures. Thus was Urantia given the number 606 of Satania, meaning the 606th world in this local system on which the long evolutionary life process culminated in the appearance of human beings. There are thirty-six uninhabited planets nearing the life-endowment stage, and several are now being made ready for the Life Carriers. There are nearly two hundred spheres which are evolving so as to be ready for life implantation within the next few million years.

Not all planets are suited to harbor mortal life. Small ones having a high rate of axial revolution are wholly unsuited for life habitats. In several of the physical systems of Satania the planets revolving around the central sun are too large for habitation, their great mass occasioning oppressive gravity. Many of these enormous spheres have satellites, sometimes a half dozen or more, and these moons are often in size very near that of Urantia, so that they are almost ideal for habitation.

The oldest inhabited world of Satania, world number one, is Anova, one of the forty-four satellites revolving around an enormous dark planet but exposed to the differential light of three neighboring suns. Anova is in an advanced stage of progressive civilization.

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 12:49 AM

No one mentioned the word "riot" before you, Grady.

You oughta reread the thread and change this statement.

For those who believe in the literal truth of the bible, god made man in his own image--what if these beings do not follow suit?

Just because the bible says god made man in his image doesn't mean he didn't create aliens in some other form. Its not like it says "god created man and all other forms of intelligent life (aliens) in his own image".

Which part of the bible would you say denies the existance of life on other planets anyway?

If god created life in the entire universe, then how come these aliens believe in such-and-such, or believe in nothing at all, or never developed religion, or have no concept of religion as we know it.

Probably for the same reasons we have many other religions as well as athiests here.

"Oh my God, these aliens aren't Christian. Lets all freak out"

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posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 10:49 AM
Power and economic stability are two big reasons alien-related information/technology is not being made public. Oil makes the world go round so if we were given the technology to produce free energy I think our economic structure would crash and have to start from the grounds up. We will see this sort of technology come to light once we have used up all our natural resources. Theres too much cash to be made from the consumption of fossil fuels at the moment.

Who would be worthy to hear ET's message and communicate back on behalf of humanity? I'm beginning to feel that's a very relevant question that will need to be decided. Any ideas anyone?

Very interesting question. Worth starting a thread over in my opinion. My vote would go to the scientific brains of our world, physicists such as Stephen Hawking, rather than political figures who, despite their claims, dont tend to be the most peaceful and democratic types.

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posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 12:44 PM
Yes, I do stand corrected...

My point was only that "riot" is a rather big word.

Some good points are being made regarding religion as well. While I doubt such knowledge would affect a person’s spirituality, are you really making the argument that the world theological community would just say:

“*shrug*, that’s interesting, I hope they believe in what we do."

Christians, for instance, can't agree on the foundations of their own salvation, and you’re telling me that aliens in the sky wouldn't be a blip on the religious radar. Or, at the least, would only be a passing fancy. Now that’s an extraordinary claim, requiring extraordinary proof. This same statement applies to the potential for social disruption.

This being said, I will acknowledge a difference in knowing aliens exist, and seeing them exist. I doubt people’s reactions to the former would be as alarmist as experiencing the latter; though I am confident that some level of social disruption would occur in either case. I know that I would demand proof of the claim, and push for the mass exploration of space.

As a side note: I have no doubt that those who are calling for the government to acknowledge the existence of aliens would be the same to call it propaganda and disinformation if such information was released.

posted on Apr, 22 2006 @ 11:09 PM
There are several reasons:
1. Can the public take the truth that there are advance races beyond Earth.
2.How about religions? All religions will collapse.
3.For military purposes, if E.T is make known then U.N will most likely disallow reverse-engineering of UFO and that what most governments hate.The military wanted technology in UFO and that will give them a advantage against their rival nations
4.There will be riots as the governments had been covering up UFO and extraterrestrials.

But I still think the government should said it out. To prove to many friends of mine that life beyond Earth exists. This may also stop war among nations, work together against E.T threat.

posted on Apr, 22 2006 @ 11:49 PM
The governments of the world are not hiding Alien life from us. I beleive that what they are doing is making other nations fear them. Remember the cold war is where most of this speculation came from. Why do they let Rumors persist because they like it. It is good for business. Keep people scared of non-existant threats. they do hide exotic technology it's just not ET and there is no proof to claim any advanced tech they do have is ET. One of these technologies is stealth people see a black triangle thing in the sky report is as a UFO and claimed many times that it was Aliens but it wasn't. I think ET exists they just don't come here because were a primative species stuck in the nuclear age.

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