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posted on Mar, 19 2006 @ 11:49 PM
i wonder if anyone here has taken gymnastics and stuck with it to this day. I remeber that when i was little i used to take gymnastics but have since then stoped, quite a shame really i envey their strength. I mean being able to move your body through space in their manner is amazing, one arm chins/pullups, front/back lever,leg lifts,planch..and those are all considerd C level skills.

i mean a boy by the age of 14 who has taken gymnastics probalby has enough strength to dead lift over 300lbs.And many male gymnists...who range fro ma weight of 130-160 (max)lbs probably if not can bench 500+lbs on the bench press and at that is amazing what a human body can they are very fexible.

i would just like to now what is a tipicle day for a gymnist,diet,do you lift weights,how long have you been training..stuff like that


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