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Dont fear the explosion?

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posted on Mar, 18 2006 @ 06:33 AM
hello im matt... i want to tell you about a dream i had, and it was weird, i had it like three times and were exactlly the same... i never payed any attention to it untill now so ill just say what i saw.

ok i was dreaming of a city, and i was in a huge building! like 40 floors or somthing.. i dunno if i was on the top floor because i could only see out the window and see what the interioir looked like. there were people in this empty flat who i could not see there faces, all blured out and standing by the window with me, i was just waiting for somthing even tho i did not know what it was so, i keeped waiting...
and then all of a sudden a big explosion goes off to the top right of ware im looking, and i see it just making a burnt circle around ware it exploded
and getting bigger but its slow? so i turn around and walk away just as its by the building but nothing happens?, when i go to turn around everything is clear and then i wake up?

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