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The End/Anti/Kabblah etc

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posted on Mar, 17 2006 @ 10:49 PM
Its most interesting topic " The end of times"

If you find it hard to belive of A Devil and God as subjects what about the uncovering of God is the same as devil. Chaos. Like a wild dream a few who know see what is possible and let their fears get the best of them which cause pure chaos?

In Kabbalah it states the like that God hides in Dark places ie away from us. As we cannot coexsist. Which makes sense if you ponder.

So if you oncovered god in this so called reality without dieing and showed others you would be the antischrist. As you have awoke the ones that didn't want to be awoke or filled. Or as Jesus said drunk.

However as we evolove in communication and thought. Things get faster people get smarter. Is this uncovering done by societey or just by a single person?

Another question is the anti well aware of what he can do and will only do it as heads of states start to fail ie world wars and greed....So when and if the people do not take a stand when wrong things happen he does.

Than again if thought and belief is so true and strong I could change it all for the better but would I

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