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Foreign JSF will be stealthy after all

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posted on Mar, 17 2006 @ 10:42 PM
Ha, looks like all the worrying was for nothing.

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Foreign press reports that the Joint Strike Fighters (JSF) sold to Australia will be less stealthy than promised are wrong, prime contractor Lockheed Martin says.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Lockheed JSF spokesman John Kent said there has been no downgrading of any of the aircraft’s stealth for foreign or domestic sales.
“It appears that there was just a misunderstanding of terms and definitions,” Kent said.

He said the Australian press reports apparently misinterpreted what “low observable” would mean.

The planes will still have the same stealthy ability to avoid radar and other detection equipment as before, he said.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

posted on Mar, 18 2006 @ 01:08 AM

Ha, looks like all the worrying was for nothing.

And John Kent says 'There will be no downgrading of any of the aircrafts stealth, foreign or domestic'.

Which is of course /uttler bilge/.

1. Because the original USN VLO specification for 'Day 1' stealth was the most demanding of all variants and indeed a large part (along with navalization) of it's highest price tag: 38 million each. NOW the /lowest cost/ version runs 104 million bucks. And they want to say that 'everybody's equal'?

2. The STOVL JSF has a markedly different spine (large rear cockpit bulkhead) and _oodles_ of articulated doors and cutouts. And it's /not/ going to be 'less stealthy'? Garbage.

3. As a result of "We never admitted it could be a problem before..." An emergency funded study of LO control measures and anti-tamper security was instigated adding as much as a BILLION dollars to already funded elements of the program. i.e. Lunchmeat never /intended/ to make security of LO a high priority-
Since the JSF program office was _specifically instructed_

Face it people, the Government is selling out our national technical leveraging /despite/ evidence that paying 'allies' with killing technology doesn't do a damn thing when it comes time for U.S. to fight a war, alone. Against enemies that originate in their neck of the woods.

Nor does it make sense on a numbers-to-numbers basis because /even if/ these nominal 'allies' (all-lies) were willing to help us out on a regional basis, their TOTAL inventory purchase would not equal the amount we have reduced from our own 2,400-becomes-1,763-becomes-1,100 buy. All because the /Iraq War/ is going to run upwards of 1 TRILLION dollars into the red. And we just don't have the money.

Lunchmeat exists solely to make money. They will lie cheat and steal wherever commercial gain or 'government sponsorship' says they should. And having lost 75% of the Raptor, they can no longer afford to 'buy in' to the JSF program at a loss. A _loss_ which only begins to break even at the 1,600 airplane point.

Congress are a bunch of greedy porkers oinking their way to whatever will make their local districts richer and 'oh by the way, how about that fantastic trade deficit'. They have even less interest in hearing about the utter FAILURE to contain JSF prices. Or the HUGE superiority of UCAVs as 'Gen Six' after the DEW Dawn lighteth. Because they also have no affiliation with what is best for the nation. Only for their own little constituent chunk of it.

And we are the dumb morons that are letting them sell us out of a safety net that is not just Stealth-for-the-trustworthy (which is to say, develop your own you foreign devils). But also a healthcare and social security system for an aging populace.

It is time, and _I REALLY MEAN IT_ for 'We The People' to call a national Constitutional Convention by which we remold our government. Largely destroy our militaries ability to get itself and _us_ into trouble. And in particular end special interests as a means of three way circle jerking on procurement programs that have NO WAY of being fulfilled 'as promised', to the numbers indicated.

And thus have no value for the HUGE up front investments and political entanglement they represent.

NO NATION which depends on others for it's own defense can stand when only it's own defense is left.

And the best defense, begins with a non-corrupt 'separation of corporate from state' political process. Here at home.


posted on Mar, 18 2006 @ 08:13 AM
as far as i'm aware, the f-35 was never going to be less stealthly for overseas nations.

what the UK was more concerned about it the 'software codes' as they could be switched off by the Americans without warning.

whats the point in buying a peace of equipment if you don't have control of it?
so you can see where the UK (and other nations) are coming from.

spending £billions$ on a peace of equipment and not having the right software codes for upgrades etc + having another nation (the US) basicly having control it with the ablity to turn it off without warning.

is just rather (how can i put it) silly?

ps:- i just want to add the F-35 (jsf) is an aircraft designed by both the US & Britain!!

i think people are just getting the impression its an 'all american' aircraft with britain just as a customer.

yes OTHER nations maybe are 'customers', but britain is the only only Level 1 partner in the System Development and Demonstration phase, contributing our unique STOVL technology to the effort. We have invested $2.25 billion into the project with further plans to buy 150 of the aircraft.

[edit on 18-3-2006 by st3ve_o]

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