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When wispers speak...

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posted on Mar, 17 2006 @ 04:48 PM
The is and has been for some time now, a conspiracy among the richest people in the world. A conspiracy that virtually owns the money system of the major democratic and non- communist nations. This monopoly is protected by the power of the respective governments and is used to perpetrate the conspiracies vast wealth by the creation of money out of nothing.
In the United States, this monetary fraud is perpetrated through the Federal Reserve system. Although the executive branch theoretically has some control over this system through occasional appointments, in is the system and those behind it who control the executive branch.
The capitalist conspiracy in this county surfaces to the public view in the form of the semi-secret Council on Foreign Relations and The Round Table. It's members exercise their control over the nation through government, tax exempt foundations, centers of educations and the mass communications media.
On the surface, the capitalist conspiracy appears to oppose (then) communism)/(now) Terrorism and Islamic Fundamentalist. It spends billions of dollars in spectacular military displays of anti-communism and terrorism around the world. But never to the extent of seriously harming the enemy and certainly not to the extent of defeating them. War is the greatest way to raise prices, lower wages, and slowly strip away civil liberties. The same act has been going on for the past two hundred years. The leaders of The United States want workers, not citizens. They want to work people 14 hours a day, seven days a week for fifteen cents an hour. Why do you think America is and has been for some time now...outsourcing its companies and work. Why pay you 7.25 an hour with benefits, paid vacation, insurance and retirement plans...when they can invade a country...take over it's natural resources and pay that countries people fifteen cents and hour, thus putting the rest into their own pocket.
Mean while, behind the scenes...the conspiracy has always nursed and aided communism/terrorism at home and abroad. Prescott Bush, George W's grandfather supplied funds and weapons to help build the Nazi party during the 1930's. They do this, not because they are pro communist/terrorist, but because they need the appearance of a fordable foe and the chaos- by product of a managed conflict to advance their own goal of totalitarian world government.
There is much evidence indicating that the capitalist conspiracy( among other placed foes and groups) are all directed by a single master conspiracy which may have continuity with the order of the Illuminati, which was founded two hundred years ago. But this historical question is not nearly as important as the immediate question at hand...which is " What can be done about it today?"
We must dismantle the machine of the conspiracies "Big Government". We must restore America's independence. Restore our schools to local control, we must protect our police forces from federal aid, which is a certain path to a national police force controlled from Washington. We must denounce revenue sharing as a transparent devise leading to control over local government and the burglary of honest middle class citizens. If it were all possible to raise men for political office, that would not only talk about reducing large government but actually do this once elected. But this is not possible for reasons non other that we do not elect our politicians, they are placed into power by this conspiracy, and the other of that if any slips through and starts to ask questions...they are assassinated. Kennedy was killed for not signing a bill that gave the government 8 billions dollars for the war in Vietnam, instead....he wanted to pull our troops out, thus a bullet turned the tide. One day after Kennedy was killed....Lendon Johnson signed the bill and the Vietnam war was set into action. Bush has signed numerous bills for the war on terror.
Action must take place, and there is nothing more powerful than a question and knowledge. Stand firm.


Video that goes into detail...

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posted on Mar, 17 2006 @ 05:00 PM
very interesting and noble, but how exactly do we accomplish what is suggested? Americans are too conditioned and comfortable to take to the streets, there will be no civil war, unless quite a few dramatic and disasterous events were to take place. With all our faults, we still believe that we are better off than the rest of the world and in most cases right fully so. The only hope is that the country wakes up for the next elections and really participate and chose the best candidate at the time, but since it is way too early for election talk, I'll stop now.

posted on Mar, 17 2006 @ 07:14 PM

Originally posted by Anonymous_One

The leaders of The United States want workers, not citizens.

I have never thought of that before.


In this post you are advocating something beyond the publicly elected Executive Branch of Government. Are you talking about the New World Order (I swear, I'm getting sick of that term), or people that have to do with it?

I know nothing of how calm and laid back Americans are, because I did not live there; but here, it would take a fair amount of something to get us out onto the streets with crowbars.

You say that althrough the US funds these full-scale wars, they are all planned as to not cause the opposition too much damage. If that is the case, all countries supporting the invasion would also be in on the scandal. And on the operational side of 'not winning', does the concept revolve around the individual soldier not pulling the trigger, or with the generals, so to speak, not going where they could cause the most damage?

I dunno. This just seems to be a subject brought up many-a-time in the past.

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